Best Gear for Soccer Moms

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Best Gear for Soccer Moms

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Mom looks on from the sideline.

Whether your child plays soccer in the spring or the fall, you will spend a lot of time on the sidelines. Between practices and games, you might feel like you practically live at the soccer fields. Your time spent watching your child learn to master his or her sport can really take a toll on you. Being a supportive spectator is a lot easier if you have the right gear.

Check out this list of the best gear I have found for soccer moms and dads:

Coolest chair

For the first two seasons after I bought my favorite chair, every time I took it to a game people would come up and ask me where I bought it. At the time, they weren't available everywhere. I got mine at Target, but I had seen them at Kmart and Sears, too. My chair, the coolest portable chair I have ever owned, is the Kelsyus Canopy Chair. The original maker of the Canopy Chair is the Renetto company, which licenses the design to Kelsyus, and it makes an even better version with a wider canopy and stronger construction. Renetto chairs are only a few dollars more than the Kelsyus version, and they come in 19 different colors so you can find one to support your favorite team. These chairs protect you from the sun and make an excellent windbreak in cooler weather.

Best Bleacher Seat

If your soccer field has bleachers for the spectators to use, you will definitely want to have a padded bleacher seat to make you more comfortable. The Stadium Chair from Sports Unlimited has rave reviews, and is reportedly even more comfortable in the wide style. With a metal frame and canvas seat and back, reviewers say the seat is comfortable for hours, and the wide version gives you a little elbow room when the bleachers are crowded.

Perfect Cooler Bag

I won't even begin to tell you what cooler bag is perfect for carrying your drinks and snacks. There are so many things to consider, including the size, the color, the style. What I will share is where you can find literally hundreds of choices, from rolling logo coolers to stylish and feminine bags. The selection is vast at eBags, with prices to fit any budget.

You'll need just a few more accessories to get through every game comfortably in style. Make sure you have a pair of high quality sunglasses to protect your eyes and plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin. Consider getting a portable misting fan to help keep your skin hydrated and cool in the summer.

Take care of yourself, and you'll be able to cheerfully support your soccer player all season long.

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Tavia worked as a naturalist and recreation specialist at an Oklahoma lake during her college years. She enjoys using what she learned as an outdoor educator in her work with children today.

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