'Basketball Wives' Has Few Sports Videos: Fan's View

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It is true that at least one of the women in VH1's 'Basketball Wives' is looking fit with the help of a girdle. Nonetheless, could a television show that is about sports have main characters that never do anything athletic? Supporting this theory, examples I found on YouTube, VH1, and other places on the web seem to lean toward the strange fact that wives of professional NBA players are not very familiar with courts, gyms, and fields (with some exceptions).

Can the 'Basketball Wives' play tennis?

In Season Four, Jennifer Williams, Suzie Ketcham, and Kesha Nichols try their skills on the tennis court. While the ladies like looking good in tennis sportswear, Jen is less than versatile on the court. In the end, the clip shows Jen's main on-air skill of paraphrasing inter-personal drama.

What do you do at golf courses?

There almost appeared to be an episode where one of the 'Basketball Wives' was going to break a sweat -- but that simply was not the case. Instead, Gloria was dressing up in a golf outfit to stand on the sidelines during a tournament. On a positive note, the event was put together to raise money for charity.

Being in water does not equal swimming

In a clip titled "Shenanigans" there is a glimmer of hope that the ladies are finally going to start playing a sport. Sadly, all of their talk about bathing suits was only for the purpose of taking photos of themselves. As if their talk about the bathing suits was not weird enough, when the police arrived (because they were swimming nude in a pool), one of the 'Basketball Wives' reveals that she was only wearing flowers.

If you feel that all is lost, keep in mind that in Season Four, the ladies do get in the water to swim with dolphins.

Shaunie is the worst matador ever

According to the CaptainWag vlog, there are a couple of fights per episode. Currently, Nia Crooks and Jennifer Williams are in a lawsuit over throwing punches. Obviously , one of the main sporting events of the 'Basketball Wives' is trying to break up a fight. Coming to the rescue is the bull fighting honorable mention -- Shaunie O'Neal. Unfortunately, in an interview Shaunie says that she is terrible at being a matador.

Retail therapy is a sport

Getting a cardiovascular workout during the filming of 'Basketball Wives' episodes appears to only be sourced in blood pressure raising bouts of bullying. Interestingly, there is one low-impact exercise that might be overlooked. If there was a pedometer involved, it might be a sealed deal, but their hearts will thank them one day anyway for their strategic marathon shopping passions.

Unsung boxing careers

With the 'Basketball Wives,' you can say that perhaps they started off on the wrong foot with the show when several cast members from Season One enrolled in self-defense classes. Over the years, the fighting has caused us to see everything from Royce Reed talking about avoiding her "clan" to the boxing match between the "educated" Laura Govan and Malaysia Pargo.

It is clear that these ladies need fewer successful striking strategies and more about violence reduction techniques. In my opinion, the fighting is so bad that they joke about it and are growing de-sensitized to how awful these recurring incidents are. An example of this is when Evelyn Lozada was called "Mike Tyson" Shaunie O'Neal.

On the other hand, who are we kidding? The 'Basketball Wives' may have an unsung career in mixed martial arts or the WWE -- where fake and fighting are generally accepted combinations. The only funny part about this weird type of immaturity repeatedly found in 'Basketball Wives' episodes is the hysterical fight re-enactment by the three ladies of the R and T vlog.

Proof 'Basketball Wives' exercise

You will not find very many clips on VH1's website that show the wives exercising unless it is an altercation. However, there is an exception in the episode about the treadmill. Regardless, the descriptor that VH1 gives the clip says it all; "Gloria [Govan], Imani [Showalter], and Laura [Govan] gossip while getting in a little workout at Train [Fitness Center]."

Despite everything written here, now that Season Five is underway, we will have more opportunities to see if this is the year that 'Basketball Wives' start taking sports seriously.

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