Baltimore Orioles Batman Streaker Banned for Life; A Fan's Take

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The man referred to as "The Batman Streaker" has been banned from Camden Yards. And the ban is for life. Mark Harvey ran onto Camden Yards last week, donning adult sized Batman underwear, a black cape and a hat. He was eventually tackled by security and promptly arrested. Lucky for Harvey, the charges were dropped due to a miscommunication. For Mark Harvey, the prank was just a part of a birthday gag. He merely trying to make people laugh. But Camden Yards, and other baseball fields across the country, take these stunts seriously. But do they take the stunts too seriously?

In my opinion, the sports team do not take enough action. Although pranks like this have been coming to pass since the beginning of time, the number of incidents have drastically increased in the last several years. One of the reasons for the increase is the advent of viral videos. Attention seeking enthusiasts now have a 24/7 outlet. Websites like YouTube and Dailymotion create stars overnight. Such was the case for untalented musician Rebecca Black, who received mainstream media attention for her awful music video. These people, often men, who partake of these stunts are often seeking that rush of excitement and attention. But they are also now trying to capitalize on their stunts via the web. And the internet news cycle feeds right into it, since we are constantly seeking fresh content for the web.

If sports teams press forth for harsher punishment, we would see a decrease in these incidents. But if their hands are tied with the justice system, the franchises could also advise news outlets not to air or publicize these occurrences. A lack of attention from the media will stop many asinine streakers from ruining the day for a hard working family.

In the end, the only people who can control the life of a streaker is the administration. Since the Baltimore Orioles baseball team decided not to press charges, I imagine this will encourage more streakers. The Baltimore Orioles have made a mistake by not pressing charges. People are going to continue this type of behavior if there are no repercussions. Then again, maybe this was the Baltimore Orioles way of getting free publicity for their franchise body.

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