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Arizona Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby Sounds Off on Statistics Dispute

Karlos Dansby Feels He is Being Shortchanged by NFL Statisticians, and Wants Everyone to Know It

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COMMENTARY | Karlos Dansby is nothing if not a man of pride. For the past ten years, Dansby has played his heart out for both the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins, becoming one of the best linebackers in the NFL in that span.

The record books will show that Dansby is currently 5th in the league in overall tackles this season, a very respectable number and an indicator that he has yet to lose a step despite being 33 years of age. Dansby, however, believes that NFL statisticians have miscalculated his assisted tackles, and he recently took his frustrations public in an interview on October 29th.

"It's unheard of. I don't know what's going on with my assisted tackles, but I know I get plenty of assists every single game," Dansby said. "I mean, on (expletive) near every snap I'm in the frame. I don't understand it, man. I don't understand it."

Dansby is the league leader in solo tackles at 68, but his assisted tackles are at an uncharacteristically low total of three, which is far less than what his peers have been credited with.

For an accurate comparison, let's look at the top four ranked tacklers ahead of him and their numbers. The Cincinnati Bengals' Vontaze Burfict leads the league with 85 combined tackles (56 solo, 29 assists). The Dallas Cowboys' Sean Lee (59, 22) and the Buffalo Bills' Kiko Alonso (43, 38) are tied for second with 81 total tackles. The Jacksonville Jaguars' Paul Posluszny is fourth with 80 combined tackles (63, 17).

Combine their assisted tackles together and the total brings us to 106, which far exceeds Dansby's three. (Numbers according to Yahoo Sports statistics)

Assisted tackles aren't the only thing Dansby believes he's being shortchanged on. He also feels that NFL statisticians dropped the ball on two sacks he recorded in the San Francisco game, a claim backed up by video evidence provided by the Arizona Cardinals coaching staff.

"I don't even have them two sacks on my record," Dansby said in a raised voice. "I don't know what's going on, but the (expletive) is pissing me off. I'm 10 years in, I'm working too hard, bro, and it don't make no (expletive) sense. I'm pissed right now."

His ego isn't the only thing this mishap is hurting, however. His contract is filled with performance based incentives, and that performance is based on statistics. This is also the only year of his contract with the Cardinals, so a lighter looking stat sheet may also prevent him from getting a bigger deal.

"Exactly. This is a contract year for me, so everything counts," Dansby said. "It's frustrating. It's frustrating as hell, because I'm putting this work in, man, and I'm not getting credited for it and I don't understand that.

Dansby claims that if his real numbers were included, he would be "leading the league right now. I'd be killing it."

Though he said he would not let this perceived slight distract him, he did vow to fix this issue as soon as possible. "I'm going to talk to somebody and find out what we need to do to correct this."

Better watch out, NFL statisticians, or you may have to record Dansby racking up sacks on you.

Cody Milford is an up and coming writer located in Arizona. His favorite teams are the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns, and his work has been associated with Sports Kings, Yardbarker, Bleacher Report, and Sports Illustrated.

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