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Arizona Cardinals: Would Larry Fitzgerald to Minnesota for Adrian Peterson Make Any Sense?

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COMMENTARY | Whenever there are disgruntled or underperforming superstars in the NBA, trade speculation arises about the possibility of swapping them. We've got one of those situations now, with Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Peterson.

The Minnesota Vikings have been horrid and the Arizona Cardinals have been barely a step better. Both teams need to improve -- the Vikings in the passing game and the Cardinals whole offense.

So, couldn't the two teams just work out a swap that would help both franchises? They would both retain a star player and could both improve upon their weaknesses, right? Right?

In a word, no.

The problem with trading superstars for superstars is that it often leaves a void. In this case, the Cardinals would have Michael Floyd as their No. 1 receiver and the Vikings would be left with Toby Gerhart as their starting running back.

Going from one bad situation to another isn't going to help either player and it isn't going to help either franchise. Imagine Peterson on the Cardinals for a second. Would he be an upgrade over Mendenhall? Absolutely. Would defenses stack nine men in the box because they would not fear Palmer-to-Floyd? Yes they would.

The other major issue is when a team is crumbling and in shambles, there's not a single player in the league that can change it. Bringing Peterson to Arizona isn't going to change that offensive line, nor will it improve Carson Palmer's (in)ability to avoid turnovers.

Bringing Fitzgerald to Minnesota would put him in the same spot he is now. He'll still face double teams and unless he grows a foot, Josh Freeman won't be able to get the ball to him.

What's the answer? If the teams are set on trading their stars in an effort to improve the roster, then they have to do it specifically to address the real problem. With a good offensive line, Mendenhall would be more effective. With a good quarterback, the Vikings passing game would improve.

What makes more sense is for the Cardinals and Vikings to find suitors willing to give up multiple pieces, including draft picks, so that they can rebuild those holes from the ground up. This season is a loss for both franchises, so why not do everything you can to improve moving forward?

For the record, I wouldn't trade Peterson or Fitzgerald unless they specifically asked to get out. But if they did, or if they ever do, it's not going to help anyone to try to trade them for each other.

Michael Dunlap covers the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks for the Yahoo Contributor Network. He is an NBA credentialed writer who is also the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of

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