Arizona Cardinals: 2013 NFL Season from A-Z

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COMMENTARY | It seems like so long ago that we were cautiously optimistic about the Arizona Cardinals and their prospects for the season. Then, they ran up against the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks. At 3-4 the season isn't over, but it's moving in the wrong direction.

Let's take a look at the first seven weeks of the season from A-Z

A is for Arians - Bruce Arians was brought in to turn the franchise around. Sure feels familiar so far.

B is for Broken - The Cardinals offense is broken and tools (in the form of better players) are unavailable.

C is for Carson - Could be Carson Palmer or Carson Daly -- neither look like an NFL quarterback right now.

D is for Defense - Currently No. 6 against the run, No. 15 against the pass and No. 16 in points allowed.

E is for Ego - The team has to believe in themselves if they are going to succeed in the NFL. The Cardinals ego is currently shot.

F is for Fail - The grade given to the Cardinals offense, who have scored just 13 touchdowns in 7 games.

G is for Gaffe - Acquiring Carson Palmer was one of the more major gaffes in recent memory.

H is for Home - The only reason the Cardinals are still breathing is the fact that they are serviceable at University of Phoenix Stadium.

I is for Injuries - The Cardinals have eight players on injured reserve, including standout Sam Acho and rookie Jonathan Cooper.

J is for Jalapeno - The only way the Cardinals offense is going to get hot is by eating them.

K is for Karlos - One of the bright spots has been the return of Karlos Dansby, who leads the team in tackles and passes defensed.

L is for Levi - We said goodbye to the matador named Levi Brown this season and our offensive line is still horrid.

M is for Mendenhall - If we wanted someone to average 3.1 yards per carry, we could have kept Beanie Wells.

N is for Now - As in, the Cardinals better get it together now before Larry Fitzgerald decides it's time to go.

O is for Office - Is it possible for Palmer and the offense to have so many miscommunications? At some point, the office needs to hold someone accountable.

P is for Picks - Picks, as in interceptions, have been Palmer's downfall. Palmer has as many interceptions (13) and the Cardinals offense have touchdowns.

Q is for Quiet - The Phoenix fans have done a better job recently, but Thursday's game against Seattle sounded like a road game.

R is for Returns - No, not returning Palmer to Oakland. Patrick Peterson needs more opportunity to make plays.

S is for Sacked - Palmer's been sacked 20 times, fourth most in the NFL. Some is the line's fault, some is his.

T is for Tight End - More specifically, torched by the tight end. Doesn't matter if it's Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis or Jared Cook.

U is for Underused - Larry Fitzgerald does face a lot of double teams, that's for sure. That's just more reason to give him chances in single coverage.

V is for Vanished - The Cardinals hot start and time at the top of the NFC West has vanished. They're now in the cellar, looking up.

W is for Waiting - Unfortunately, not much can be done until the offseason to shore up the offensive problems.

X is for Xerox - This team is a xerox copy of every team since Kurt Warner left. Shoddy line, bad quarterback and no running game.

Y is for Yips - Similar to a golfer, teams can get the yips in big moments and make mistakes. The Cardinals are dangerously close.

Z is for Zastudil - One of the better punters in the league, who does a great job giving the Cardinals better field position.

Michael Dunlap is an NBA credentialed writer who covers the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona Cardinals for the Yahoo Contributor Network. He is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief for the NBA site .

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