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Another Day, Another Protest Against the Washington Redskins' Nickname

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COMMENTARY | The growing protest against the Washington Redskins' polarizing nickname continues.

The San Francisco Chronicle is the latest media organization to boycott the nickname, deciding to pull the plug on the usage of a term many regard as a derogatory slur towards Native Americans.

Previously, fellow media entities such as the Kansas City Star, and others have already ceased utilizing the controversial nickname as a means of referring to the District of Columbia's NFL franchise.

Being a Redskins fan is the definition of being stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to this heated debate. Since my childhood days, I've pledged football allegiance to a term that from my perspective, has been synonymous with bravery, excellence and pride.

Offending a nation of people has been the last thing on my mind when proudly using a nickname that's represented the team I've rooted for since my early days as a football fanatic.

However, as an adult, there's an understanding of how "Redskins" can be regarded as being offensive terminology. Fanaticism aside, there's a respect that should be given to those whose opposition to the nickname goes beyond the game of football. If Native Americans are truly offended by the term, then it's easy to comprehend the argument to change the franchise's name.

Of course, with protest after protest coming from entities and people in high places on a seemingly daily basis, it appears to be inevitable that the Redskins could possibly change their moniker sometime in the foreseeable future.

If or when that day occurs, I'll utilize the same level of passion and enthusiasm to root for the franchise's new nickname. At the end of the day, my fandom extends beyond what name the team is called.

I'll continue to root for the players who proudly adorn the team's uniforms, even if Warriors, Bravehearts or another more appropriate term is attached to them.

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