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Another Year, Another Mess at Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns

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COMMENTARY | I guess some things will never change for the Cleveland Browns.

This star-crossed franchise will trot out their 20th different starting quarterback since returning to the NFL in 1999 when Cleveland faces off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 8.

Journeyman Jason Campbell is the man tasked with leading the Cleveland offense against a Kansas City defense that has arguably been the best in the NFL this season. Unfortunately for the Browns, like most of the other 19 signal-callers Cleveland has employed over the past 14 years, Campbell is not a quarterback that will instill much fear in opposing defenses.

While it was clear that former starter Brandon Weeden needed to go, one wonders if the Kansas City game is the right time to see what Campbell is made of. The Chiefs have a pass defense that ranks in the top five in basically every major category, so it's hard to believe that Campbell is going to have a career day at Arrowhead. Realistically, Campbell could put up the same sort of lousy numbers that Weeden did in Cleveland's Week 7 loss to the Green Bay Packers against such a fearsome defense.

That's assuming Campbell even makes it through the game in one piece.

The Chiefs have 35 sacks in seven games so far in 2013, far away the highest total in the NFL this season. Combine that with a Cleveland offensive line that has allowed the second most sacks in the league this year with 27, and all the makings are there for a possible feeding frenzy on Campbell by the Chiefs' defensive front.

Knowing this, the Browns would've been wise to have signed another quarterback this week. It didn't matter who, just somebody, anybody that can play somewhat capable quarterback, because if Campbell does get hurt against the Chiefs, it is going to be a disaster scenario for the Browns.

Imagine Weeden, who probably has zero confidence in his abilities at this point, having to suck up his pride and yet again do a job that he has lost twice already this season.

I'd rather not even think about what would transpire in that situation.

It's clear that Weeden's days are done in Cleveland -- so much so that it might not be a bad idea to just release him now and get it over with. I understand the cupboard is pretty bare as far as free-agent quarterbacks go, but anything has to be better than a quarterback that is almost universally derided in this city.

I guess the big question at this point is who will be starter number 21 for the Browns, because we will likely see him at some point in 2013.

Shaun Heidrick is a Yahoo Contributor who has followed the Cleveland Browns for over 25 years.

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