Anderson Silva TKO’s Chael Sonnen: Immediate UFC 148 Fan Reaction

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In the main event of UFC 148, the most anticipated rematch in the history of mixed martial arts took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena when Anderson Silva defended his UFC middleweight title against Chael Sonnen. Coming into the fight, I didn't know if the angry Silva was the fighter that we should see. We have never seen him come into a fight as angry as he was, so Sonnen did his job by getting inside the head of Spider, but would it be enough to get him the world title?

First Round

Both fighters charged forward and Sonnen immediately landed a takedown on Silva. Silva was doing a nice job of avoiding big shots, but was being pushed towards the cage by Sonnen. In half guard, Silva controlled Sonnen, not allowing him to get any powerful strikes in. The only offense Sonnen would get were slaps to the head and knees to the chest. It was a great exchange on the mat, but Sonnen couldn't get the single leg out. With less than a minute left, Sonnen got into full mount, but didn't attempt any serious offense from the position.

My scorecard: Sonnen, 10-9

Second Round

Sonnen moved forward to open the round and Silva appeared to be looking for his own takedown. Sonnen had Silva pushed against the cage and went for another takedown, but Silva blocked it. Sonnen went for a spinning back fist and missed. He fell to the mat and Silva landed a knee to the chest while Sonnen was on his butt against the cage and Silva landed repeated strikes until the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

Official Decision: TKO (1:55) for Anderson Silva to retain UFC middleweight title

As someone who was born in Brazil and still thought that this the time that Silva would actually lose, I couldn't be happier to see this outcome. Sonnen had a dominating first round, but he got cocky and seemed to think that Silva wasn't going to try any offensive moves when he was down after he missed the spinning back fist and fell to the mat. Silva took advantage of this and landed a beautiful knee to the body, setting up the beginning of the end for Sonnen.

If there was ever a doubt in the mind of anyone that Silva is the best in the world and greatest of all time, this fight ended any talk of that.

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