Anderson Silva 'Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man' Invites Chael Sonnen to BBQ After Defeating Him at UFC 148: Fan's Look

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I will admit to being worried that UFC champion Anderson Silva was going to spend the entire fight on his back if Chael Sonnen were able to easily take him down at will. But that was not the case.

Anderson stuffed the take down in the second round, shifting the momentum and creating the opportunity to set up a series of devastating moves. The knee in the chest when Chael was down looked illegal at first, but it wasn't ruled illegal by the referee.

Chael didn't complain about the knee in any of his post-fight comments. Instead, he accepted Anderson's invitation to come over for a BBQ. Apparently, his constant barrage of trash-talking has been forgiven.

Commentary from UFC Fighters

Brian Stann, UFC middleweight fighter and Guest Analyst on the "UFC Postfight Show" on Fuel TV, had high praise for UFC champion, Anderson Silva, following his victory over his arch-nemesis, Chael Sonnen. "You give this man any space and he can finish you at a moment's notice. He defended the take down well. He created angles, created space. He got one shot. He dazed Chael and finished him. That's why he's the greatest fighter of all time...every time someone makes a mistake, he doesn't just capitalize on it and score points. He finishes you in a devastating fashion."

In a post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani for Fuel TV, Sensei Steven Seagal was delighted and said he "couldn't be happier" with Anderson's performance. Looks like having Seagal on the team is working out well for the master and for the student. video

Former UFC fighter and UFC Analyst, Kenny Florian, added his comments on Anderson Silva's comeback after the first round. "It's the way that Silva adjusts. It's the way that he stays calm out there. It's brilliant. Anderson Silva is a guy with a tremendous amount of confidence, tremendous amount of belief in himself. And he can always adjust. We've seen him get dominated and come back and win. And that's the true mark of a champion...Chael did a move that was unnecessary at the wrong time. Anderson Silva, being the sniper that he is, slipped it and immediately took advantage. And that is really what makes him great. It's unbelievable...For me I can watch them fight every night. The style match up-Chael will always give Anderson a tough time. Just the way that he matches up against him, I would love to see it again."

Dana White On UFC 148 And The Incredible Anderson Silva video

Michael Bisping wants Anderson Silva next

Michael Bisping believes that he could do a better job against Anderson Silva than Chael Sonnen did. Michael said that Chael has excellent wrestling--much better than Michael's--but, Michael says that his kick-boxing is better than Chael's.

Chael defeated Bisping at UFC on Fox 2 in January 2012 by unanimous decision. Bisping is looking for his next visit to the octagon. He has his eye on former US marine, Brian Stann. During his interview with MMA Insider, Ariel Helwani, Bisping did not mince words.

Here is the video: Michael Bisping said, "Brian Stann, You're Going To Get Your Ass Kicked" video

Dudes are lining up to get toppled down

Brave talk from the Brit following UFC 148. He's ready for Anderson the Spider and Brian the All American. Bisping wants to fight Anderson just to say that he did. He has a snowball's chance in a hot oven--of doing any damage.

Watching Michael Bisping in the octagon with Spider Anderson would be like watching a real spider playing with his food before he eats it.

Stann vs Bisping would be a good fight. I'd look forward to that. Bisping would be a great match style-wise against Brian Stann. Nine of Stann's professional wins have come from KO/TKO.

What's next for Anderson Silva?

Friendly, neighborhood Spider Anderson is planning a barbeque. He even invited Chael Sonnen over for dinner. I hope Anderson cleared that with his wife first. As most men know, women handle things differently. Hopefully, Chael doesn't end up skewered and roasting on a spit after being so insulting to Anderson's wife and family. Women don't forgive and forget that easily.

On that note, I'm reminded of a few lines from the original "Spiderman" theme song from the cartoon version in the sixties. I think these lines describe UFC champion Anderson Silva's ability to capitalize on his opponent's errors perfectly. "...In the chill of the night, At the scene of the crime, Like a streak of light, He arrives just in time!" video

Source: "UFC 148 Post-fight Show on Fuel TV" notes for UFC 148: Silva vs Sonnen II,, The Spiderman Theme Song -

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