Amir Khan Wants Lamont Peterson Banned: Fan View

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Amir Khan is continuing to demand that Lamont Peterson be permanently banned from boxing. His recent statements also indicate that he is only willing to fight someone in the future who undergoes random drug testing. I think some of his outrage is tied to the delay he is seeing in Peterson's titles being taken away.

Khan's Demands

Khan has asked that Peterson "should be banned for life" for failing the drug test. His May 19 rematch had to be cancelled because Lamont Peterson tested positive for synthetic testosterone. Lamont's camp has come out with several excuses to explain the positive results that include doctor recommendations for low testosterone levels and drug pellets being implanted in his body.

The New Contract

In response to the Peterson fiasco, Amir Khan has altered the contract he uses for fights. He will now require that all of his opponents have random drug testing. He obviously wants to avoid a similar incident in the future and is simply creating a precaution to prevent another bout from being cancelled.

Avoiding a Rematch

Amir Khan has framed his comments about Lamont Peterson as a danger to the sport. Khan stated, "I really think he should be punished because he was a threat, not only to my life, but his own life as well." He insists that Khan should be banned permanently instead of following an example set by other boxers who have been allowed to fight after a temporary ban of several years.

Considering that Khan was hoping the May 19 rematch would restore his lost WBA and IBF titles, his determination to keep the sport clean is not the only thing on his mind. His fight with Danny Garcia has been confirmed for July 14, but Amir Khan still wants to earn his titles back. Banning Lamont Peterson from boxing would prevent any future rematches and a possible faceoff that resembled the Dec. 2011 disaster for Khan.

Although several sources had indicated that the WBA and IBF titles will be revoked from Peterson, the organizations are still planning on holding a hearing for the case. Khan is still waiting to find out if he will get the titles back.

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