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America’s Beach Volleyball Women After the London Games

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Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings did the near-impossible at the 2012 London Games by winning their third consecutive beach volleyball gold medal. They played against teammates Jennifer Kessy and April Ross in the final round, making the match an all-American affair.

The three-time golden girls have talked about going their separate ways. What do their silver sisters have in store?

Here is a quick look at what each player plans to do after the London Games:

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings

One says it's time for family while the other has her sights set on another Olympic gold. Misty May-Treanor has decided to retire from beach volleyball while still best in the world to focus on family. In her post-win interview, Treanor revealed that she wants to be a wife to husband Matt Treanor. She also voiced her desire to be a mom, something teammate Walsh Jennings has done already.

One can't help but wonder if being a wife and mother will be enough for Treanor. It wasn't for Walsh. After giving birth to two sons in 12 months, she returned to the sand.

In the sand is where Walsh plans to stay after the London Olympics are over. She awkwardly praised American opponents Kessy and Ross after winning her third gold. She even awkwardly suggested a future pairing with one or the other in preparation for the Rio Games in 2016.

Jennifer Kessy and April Ross

Kessy and Ross aren't wasting anytime basking the glory of their new silver medals. The two are headed back to the FIVB Tour as soon as the London Games close. They are playing in a grand slam event in Poland early next week.

The Poland tournament was always a part of their plan. Now the two hope to capitalize on their London successes and turn Olympic silver into FIVB gold. The two will only remain a team for a limited time. They have about a year together before Kessy wants to retire. Beach volleyball is a young woman's game, and, at 35 years old Kessy, is nearing the end of her career.

What Ross will do once she's solo remains to be seen. Like Walsh, she has set her sights on a berth at the Rio Games. In a similar but separate post-match interview, she also hinted at pairing up with Walsh at some time in the future.

Could the two bring home a fourth Olympic gold medal in women's beach volleyball? All eyes will be on Rio in 2016 to find out.

Kathryn Walsh played indoor volleyball in junior high and high school. Once in college on the California coast, she discovered beach volleyball. She has been an avid fan and occasional player since.

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