Adrien Broner Lashes Out at Manny Pacquiao: Fan Reaction

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WBO super featherweight champion, Adrien Broner, put on another impressive performance during his last outing against Vicente Escobedo, and he's currently looking for a worthy opponent to fight on Oct. 6.

Undefeated Mercito Gesta called out "The Problem" after his Aug. 3, TKO victory against Ty Barnett, but Broner was very dismissive of the Filipino fighter's accomplishments inside the ring. He took a few more shots at Gesta during a recent training session/conversation with FightHype's Ben Thompson.

"They talking, yet they don't want to fight," Broner said. "That Meyista [Mercito Gesta] boy calling me out, the one that just beat Ty… I'll beat his [expletive] on the strip today. I don't even play like that. … He ain't got a name, man. His name sound like a toothpaste product: The Meyista Freeze. That sounds like some [expletive] from Taco Bell don't it? … They better get they thumb out they [expletive] man. Come fight me, I'm strapped."

Broner even had some harsh words for former WBO welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao.

"I ain't got nothing against [Manny] Pacquiao, he just can't beat my big-brother [Floyd Mayweather]," Broner added. "If he signs that dotted line, I'll [expletive] him up too. … He can sign it, we can fight. It's not too late. … I'ma just do to him what he used to. He used to not getting his hands raised. How many losses he got?"

In terms of technique and skills, Broner is arguably the closest thing to Mayweather right now, and he's obviously following "Money's" marketing strategy. I can't say I blame him for antics, considering the fact the "villain" role seems to be the most profitable strategy for today's athletes.

As long as Broner continues to back up his trash talk inside the ring, he just might become the next Floyd Mayweather.

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Ben Thompson, "Adrien Broner: 'They need to hurry up… They done made my brush mad"

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