76ers Suffer Blowout Loss in Game 3: A Fan's Reaction

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The Philadelphia 76ers missed a big chance to take control of their series with the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, May 16. An ugly effort in the second and third quarter proved to be way too much as the Celtics routed the 76ers 107-91 in Game 3. Boston outscored Philadelphia 61-33 during the middle quarters. That killed any chance that the 76ers had of winning the game. As a fan, this loss was disappointing and now the 76ers are in a little bit of trouble. Here are a few reasons why they lost Game 3 against the Celtics.

The shooting went cold

After scoring an impressive 33 points in the first two quarters, the 76ers went cold. They had just 16 points in the second and 17 points in the third. It was an ugly 24 minute stretch that buried them. As a team, the 76ers shot just 40.7 percent. Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes combined to make just three of 18 shots. You can't win a game when two starters shoot the ball like that. You also can't win when you have an ugly stretch like the one the 76ers had in this game.

The rebounding wasn't there

No 76ers player had more than eight rebounds. Boston outrebounded the 76ers 44-37 in the game and that is too wide of a margin. The big guys on the team didn't' get the job done on the glass. Hawes and Elton Brand each had four rebounds while LaVoy Allen only had two. That isn't going to get the job done. If the big men aren't going to get rebounds, the 76ers aren't going to win.

They showed their youth

Boston won this game because of the play of their veterans. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen were the three biggest keys to their surge in the second quarter. While the 76ers thrived on their youth in the first two games, Boston seemed to want to send a message that experience still matters. Their stars came through in a big way and the 76ers were helpless to stop them. The 76ers were outcoached and outplayed in this game. If they are going to survive in this series, they have to learn how to play when facing adversity. They can't allow Boston's experience to get inside their heads.

Mark Paul is a Philadelphia resident and lifelong 76ers fan.

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