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30 Rock's Tracy Morgan Talks Possible Reunion, Spin-off Show on Heels of Super Bowl Spot

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Tracy Morgan's life is all about change.

After seven seasons of co-starring in NBC's "30 Rock" Morgan and the crew have signed off and are ready to move on. On Sunday, shortly after halftime at the Super Bowl, we'll get a taste of what's in store for Morgan, 44.

We'll see him in his second Super Bowl spot - the first one was with Stevie Wonder, but this one he's anchoring by himself. Morgan linked up with MiO Fit, which is a customizable sports drink. The drink fits into Morgan's new healthy lifestyle after having very public kidney transplant, and of course he's going to make us laugh in this.

And that makes sense, considering that Morgan's next act is to go back to his standup roots and launch a nationwide tour next month.

What made you want to say yes to doing this commercial?

I tasted it. I loved it.. I've been looking for a minute, I've been looking for a drink that - no calories, no sugar, add electrolytes and all that. I confirmed with my doctor, she said it was great for me and my body. And the fact that it's a Super Bowl commercial is even that much better. It's the first commercials in the third quarter. Beyonce is opening up for me. So jiggle on that.

This fits with a new lifestyle for you too, right?

Yeah. MiO fit is about change. And they're changing the game as far as sports drinks are concerned because it's customizable.

Your life is all about change now too.

Yeah, that's where I'm at now. Think about it. If you really sit down and think about it, it is. One thing that remains the same is change.

Big change happened this week. I'm a little heartbroken that 30 Rock is signing off.

Don't be. A lot of people are fans of the show, and you know me, I was a big fan of the show and part of the show and it's sad to see it go but at the same time we're happy we were able to do seven seasons of good, smart, funny television. So we're really happy about that and proud about what we've done over the last couple of seasons.

If you could write it, what would Tracy Jordan do after the show ends? Like, what would be his reality?

He would earn 300 more million dollars. Yeah, and standup.

Was he a caricature of you?

Tracy Jordan was naïve, man. He was seven seasons of nonsense. So I'm nothing like that. We're totally different. It was fun playing him. I'm launching my tour in March, Excuse My French, and it's gonna be fun to hear my voice again.

What's next for you - you're back on the stage?

Tours, movies, things like that. There's a few balls in the air, but I don't like to talk about it. I don't wanna jinx anything, but I would just say to the fans, you know, just stay tuned and hopefully some pleasant surprises will come out of it. I just want to continue, whether it's on TV or not, to make people laugh. I just want to make this world a little better place than it was when I got here?

What is it about the stage that calls to you?

My father was an entertainer. I'm third, fourth generation entertainer. My grandmother ran in the Olympic trials against Wilma Rudolph back in the days and she was pregnant with my dad.

Are you serious? That's amazing.

Yeah, I'm dead serious. So, my father was an entertainer, a musician and an entertainer, so I was raised on the stage, basically. And I always wanted to be like my dad, so I feel so comfortable and at home there. I would rather be nowhere else.

Grandma was an athlete. You never thought about being an athlete at all?

I was. I played football and ran track in high school.

What position?

I was a halfback on the football team and I ran the 100, and the 200 and the hurdles in high school. I was pretty good at it too.

Now why did comedy ultimately win out over trying to become an athlete?

I dropped out of high school! But you know, I was always funny cause I get it from my dad. My dad gave me that gift. He did comedy in Vietnam and everything, so it was a natural progression for me. And once I grabbed the mic…I was always the funny guy around the way. I was the Eddie Murphy of my community. If you ain't have $150 to go buy a ticket to see him at the Garden, I was that guy.

I know you're a Giants fan, and one thing that made Victor Cruz fun to watch last year was his end zone dance. If you were still playing what would you do to entertain people after you made that play?

The stinky leg.

The stinky leg? Not that stanky leg?

I might even do The Hustle. Do, do, do do, bump bump ba bump. The Hustle!

What can you tell fans about 30 Rock kind of signing off? Is there something you would love to let people know who kind of stuck with you guys for seven seasons?

We're gonna be with you guys forever. You know, 30 Rock is in the can and we did it and we just want people to enjoy it. It's in syndication and it still…it gets like fine wine, it gets better in time.

Would you love to have a reunion show 10, 20 years down the line at 30 Rock?

I would love to have a reunion show 20 years down the line. I would love to have a spin-off, me and Sherri (Sheppard), you know, "The Jordans."

Yeah? Is that a possibility?

Maybe. Maybe. If the situation is right.

What might their life be like in the spin-off?

The Jordans? You'll see them in they crazy lives in they house this time.

But would you do it kind of like reality TV documentary style?

No, I don't know if I want to do it like that. I think I would love to do it just scripted, multiple camera. Not single camera this time, but multiple camera like The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother and all that type of stuff.

What do you think you guys did right on 30 Rock?

I think that we were just funny and our chemistry was right and we had great writers and Tina (Fey), I just think that we…Tina captured lightning in a bottle.

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