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3 FIFA 13 Problems to Fix for FIFA 14

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COMMENTARY | One thing was pointed out to me by friends and readers after I posted what was meant to be one final farewell to FIFA 13 last week: There is actually a lot about that particular title that I don't enjoy. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about the issues that were either brought up during discussions with fellow gamers or that just came to mind is that they are, in theory, all easy to remedy. While none of the problems mentioned below have ever kept me from playing the current version of the game, eliminating them from FIFA 14 would make for a better overall experience.

3 FIFA 13 problems to fix for FIFA 14: Cut scenes

I'm all for EA doing little things to make the FIFA gaming experience model that of a televised football match. I should also have the option to skip over certain instances during games that feature the computer as an opponent. While doing so has never been an issue for me during team walk-outs or the announcements of the starting lineups, I can't say the same about closeups that occur when the ball is played out or when a player is about to be taken off.

One of my favorite parts about the FIFA franchise is that you can knock out a Career Mode or online game in 15-20 minutes. Those delays that occur whenever I want to bring a substitute into a match do add up. I'm not asking that such scenes be completely taken out of FIFA 14. It would just be nice if I could choose which ones I watch and which I skip.

3 FIFA 13 problems to fix for FIFA 14: The names

I briefly touched upon this subject in my previously mentioned FIFA piece. I was willing to overlook players such as Thierry Henry having their names pronounced incorrectly (" HEN-ree!") when FIFA 13 first came out, assuming that it was something that would be addressed in an upcoming patch. That day never arrived, leaving me to wonder who at EA believed that the former New York Red Bulls striker's last name was actually spoken as "ah-GOO-delloh" (just one of several examples).

It's safe to assume that nobody ever shut off his Xbox/PS3 upon hearing Martin Tyler mispronounce a player's name. That doesn't make these occurrences any less annoying. I'm paying $60 to get this game in September. The audio should be right the first time around.

3 FIFA 13 problems to fix for FIFA 14: Overpowered shot

One of the first things I noticed when playing the FIFA 13 demo was that it was far too easy (and unrealistic) to bury near post goals, even when utilizing a player not known for being a top class finisher. I didn't think much of it at the time, imagining that the preview had been designed to cater to those who prefer the more free-flowing Ultimate Team style of game play. Of all the things that were tweaked between the summer demo release and the end of September, the overpowered nature of near post goals wasn't one of them.

AI defense in FIFA 12 was often questionable, at best. It didn't get all that better with this past year's version, and many gamers I've spoken with/played against believe that defending got even worse in FIFA 13. Add that along with goalkeepers consistently being out of position and it being nearly impossible to flub a near post strike, and you've got a recipe for an arcade game rather than anything resembling a realistic simulation.

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