2012 Summer Olympics BMX Venue Guide: BMX Track

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BMX biking is making its second appearance in the Olympics this summer in London. Events will take place in the new Olympic Park, built just for the Games.

About the venue:

The BMX track is located in the north end of Olympic Park, near the Velopark. It can hold 6,000 spectators for now. All of those seats will be removed after the Olympics end.

Fans of the sport will enjoy watching their favorite contenders fly around turns and over bumps all along the track, which measures over 400 meters in length. The women's event will include three jumps and a tunnel. Men will face an S-bend transfer, rhythm section and box jump. The amount of soil used to create this track is enough to fill three 50m swimming pools. It was tested out during the August 2011 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.

The plan is to open the park to the general public after the Olympics end. When it was being built, it was designed with both the Olympics and general use in mind. A mountain bike track and road-cycle circuit will be easily joined to it. The track itself will also be reconfigured somewhat to make it comfortable for more amateur bikers to use.

Events at the venue:

Women will kick off the BMX events on August 8, 2012 with the seeding run. They will complete their semifinals on August 10.

Men have a seeding run on August 8, followed by quarterfinals on August 9 and semifinals on August 10.

Recommended travel:

Mass transit is the best option when traveling to the BMX park. Take the Tube, Rail or Docklands Light Railway to Stratford. The Rail and Docklands can also take you to West Ham. Plan your trip so that you can arrive at least 75 minutes early. Note that there is no re-entry.

Upon arrival, all visitors must go through security, similar to being at the airport. Only small soft-sided bags are permitted. Free water is available during all of the events. Food and drink can be purchased, using either cash or Visa. Souvenirs are also available at the London 2012 shop. Bathrooms include baby-changing stations.

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