2012 NFL Schedule for Week Two: Fan's Opinion

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Week two of the NFL season is about to begin and I'm finally over the sadness from watching my New York Giants lose their home opener. I've mourned enough and it's time to move on.

Speaking of moving on, let's move on to my week two predictions. I did well last week picking games. I went 11-5. I didn't do well on the predicted scores but at least I picked the winners. How well did you do? Exactly. Okay, enough banter. Here are my week two predictions:

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers: I was shocked last week when the Packers lost their home opener. That was one of the five games that I missed. Chicago looked good but then again it was against the Indianapolis Colts. I just don't see the Green Bay Packers falling to 0-2. The Pack bounces back here and wins 27-21 in what will be a typical Bears vs. Packers game.

The Chicago - Green Bay rivalry

Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills:

I'm not real jazzed about this game. Both teams were very disappointing in their week one debuts. I do think that Buffalo is the better team. I like C.J. Spiller and I think their defense will be better this week. Buffalo wins here 24-21.

C.J. Spiller highlights

Minnesota Vikings @ Indianapolis Colts: This game is totally ho-hum. Neither team excites me. I am curious to see how Andrew Luck bounces back but other than that this game really has nothing else to offer. This will be a slow and boring way to spend three hours. I'm taking the Vikings here 17-10.

Andrew Luck highlights

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins:

Ugh, another who cares game. Nothing about this contest is all that riveting. The Dolphins have nothing going except for Reggie Bush. The Raiders have Carson Palmer and Darren McFadden who both looked okay on Monday night. Give me the Raiders 13-7 because somebody has to win.

2012 Oakland Raiders

Arizona Cardinals @ New England Patriots:

If the Patriots win by anything less than 20 points I'll be surprised. Did you see the Cardinals last week? They were awful. Larry Fitzgerald is all they have and he doesn't have a competent QB to throw him the ball. The Patriots are going to slaughter the Cardinals. I'll take New England to win big 45-10.

The Gronk

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Giants:

No way my Giants are going to lose this game. They've had four extra days to get ready for this one and they will win. Tampa did look good last week in their win against the Carolina Panthers but the Panthers aren't the Giants. The Giants get back to winning this week and will beat the Bucs 27-13.

Go Big Blue!

Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles:

What's up with the Eagles? They looked awful last week. And that was against the sorry Cleveland Browns. Baltimore looked good Monday night in their win over the Cincinnati Bengals. If the Eagles play like they did at Cleveland, it's going to be a slaughter. The Ravens win this one 28-17 and Michael Vick will not make it through the whole game.

Ray Rice highlights

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers: The Saints are another team that is looking to bounce back this week and I think that this game may be closer than you might think. Panthers QB Cam Newton is mobile and has a big arm. I'm not saying he's Robert Griffin III, but he's similar. The Saints defense seemed to have trouble with RG III last week. I'm going to pick the Saints here but I wouldn't be surprised if they were to lose. Give me the Saints 31-24 in a shoot-out.

Jimmy Graham highlights

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars:

Do the Jaguars stand a chance here? Maybe. Will they win? Nope. Houston has too much offense and the Jaguars have Maurice Jones-Drew and that's about it. I think that Houston gets up early and this game is over before the half. Houston wins big 38-17.

Andre Johnson mixing it up

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks:

The Cowboys are coming off a huge win and the Seahawks stink. However, Seattle is a totally different team at home. Seattle is not an easy place to play and this will be Tony Romo's first trip back to Seattle since the game where he botched the snap. I think those memories creep back in and the Seahawks pull an upset special. The Seahawks upset the Cowboys 20-17. Go Seahawks!

Tony Romo botched snap

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams: The Rams surprised me last week. They gave the Detroit Lions all they wanted and then some. After what Robert Griffin III did to the Saints, I'm a RG III believer. I'll take the Washington Redskins here. I think RG III comes down to earth a little bit but the Skins win 38-21.


New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Were you surprised by the Jets last week? I was. But then again it was against Buffalo. The Steelers may be getting LB James Harrison back and that will help them out. I'm still not sold on the Jets. I'm taking the Steelers here to bounce back and send the Jets crashing back down to reality. Pittsburgh wins 27-14.

James Harrison

Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers:

I don't have that much to say about this game. Titans RB Chris Johnson was so disappointing last week and the Chargers have some offensive line issues. I'm taking the Chargers here just because they're playing at home. I don't think this will be an exciting game but whatever. Give me the Bolts 20-14 in a snoozefest.

Philip Rivers highlights

Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers: Now this is what I call a game! Remember the handshake episode between Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh? This game could be all kinds of fun. I think the 49ers are the real deal and I think the Lions still have some issues to iron out. The 49ers looked too impressive last week for me to pick against them. Give me San Fran here 29-20.

Harbaugh handshake

Denver Broncos @ Atlanta Falcons:

Both of these teams looked good last week. Peyton Manning looked like Peyton Manning and Falcons QB Matt Ryan looked like a stud. This could be a real shoot out and I'm giddy about this one. This game is really hard to pick. Matt Ryan is almost unbeatable at home and well...the Broncos have Manning. What to do? Give me the Falcons and Matty Ice. It will be a close one but the Falcons will win 31-28 in OT.

Peyton Manning is back

Dylan Davis is an avid New York Giants fan and has grown up on New York Giants football. He's seen his G-Men win four Super Bowls and can't wait to see them win four more.



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