2012 NFL Draft: Five Ways to Revamp the TV Production

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Every year, the NFL Draft is one of the best off-season moments for football fans. A crop of new players are about to join the league, great trades are made and new stars are born. The ESPN production is top notch with great video clips, analysis and coverage, but the production remains the same every year.

Five things can add new life to the already exciting NFL Draft, potentially lock in more viewers and make the occasion even more memorable.

New Teammates

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gets plenty of stage time during the NFL Draft, so after posing with each player he should make room for different onstage opportunities. Instead of Goodell, a drafted player should be presented with his jersey and hat from his new teammates. It would create more interest for fans to see their current favorite players and start the bonding early.

The Five Second Pose

These drafted players are excited and their lives are about to change so give them a chance to gloat a little. Every drafted player should get a five second pose on stage where they can show some personality, excitement and honor of being selected to play in the NFL.Lets see how many players choose to Tebow.

New York Comedians

There can be a lot of down time between picks and over-analysis is common during the NFL Draft. Utilizing New York City's great comedy club scene, random comedians should take the stage between picks. Football must be the theme for the comedy and the crowd already heckles players and draft picks so the comedian would be extra fodder and add some potential highlights.

The Multi-Cam Reaction

The reaction to being drafted brings out some crazy emotions in some people, but what about the players who weren't selected for spots they wanted? ESPN needs to display a six or seven camera multi-cam to catch the live reactions of the players that did not get picked. It would add more to the show and create a lot of potentially viral moments.

The Big Wheel

The NFL Draft is a big gamble and some of those late round picks are tough decisions for NFL teams. At times it may seem like a coin flip behind the scenes and this is why the NFL can utilize this with the Big Draft Wheel. If a team is stuck between a safety and tight end, slap their names on a big wheel, take a spin and let luck decide. It goes completely against tradition, but there are so many draft busts anyway the second and third round picks could use a little more excitement.

Alan Donahue is a lifelong fan of the NFL. He has written hundreds of sports articles and his favorite team is the New York Giants.

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