2012 Juddmonte Royal Lodge Stakes; Videos and Live Streaming: Fan’s View

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2012 Juddmonte Royal Lodge Stakes; Videos and Live Streaming:  Fan’s View

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Where is the video live stream for the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes on September 29?

Are you looking for a way to watch the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes free online? On September 29, the Juddmonte Royal Lodge Stakes will appear on live streaming websites throughout the world. While it is only a Grade II Thoroughbred horse race, it is important since it is the kickoff event for the 2013 Kentucky Derby prep race season. The top winner at the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes will receive 10 points towards being a contender at the 2013 Kentucky Derby. This means that any serious horse racing fan will want to watch this event online.

Naturally, you would think that a lot of websites would stream this video for free since it is such a historic event for horse racing fans. Sadly, there are a lot of hurdles to jump through in order to watch free live streams of the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes in Newmarket, England.

Where the 2011 Royal Lodge Stakes was broadcast online

For the 2011 event, the international sports news company SkySports.com proudly broadcast the Royal Lodge Stakes. The 14-minute video is still preserved online. On the other hand, the way that the SkySports website works means that videos that will be broadcast are not listed until the day of the race. In other words, there is no way to know that SkySports will absolutely have the 2012 event live streaming on their website. Instead, they may broadcast an archive video after the fact proving that SkySports' lack of an online clickable calendar means it is not a sure bet.

Free UK racing streams?

Logically, if you cannot get what you want from one website, you go to the search engine and try to find another angle to get what you need. In this instance, the term, "free UK racing streams," was used to find more resources. In the search return, there were many options for this keyword that all allowed you to watch UK horse racing live. However, there were a couple of catches. For example, while some were subscriptions to international live streams that would cost up about $30-$50 per month, most wanted you to join a betting website in order to watch live horse racing for free.

Joining a betting website as a non-UK citizen is not a clever option for most Americans. Due to the restrictions America places on internet gambling, it is likely that you will be denied as a paying customer instead of getting to sign on for free and watch the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes. If you are able to access these UK betting websites as an American, you will still need to pay about $20 to sign on as a new user. In other words, just like the 2012 Summer Olympics, if you want to watch all of the sports coverage, it will cost you.

Watching the Royal Lodge Stakes at Churchill Downs?

Since there is a big connection between Churchill Downs and the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes due to the new points system that shapes the field for 2013 Kentucky Derby contenders, you would think that there would be some sort of celebration in Louisville, Kent., or the surrounding area. After searching the Churchill Downs accounts for Twitter and Facebook, no evidence this racetrack was holding an event for the Road to the Roses prep race season kickoff could be found.

Adding to this chaos, at the official Churchill Downs website there is a reference on the homepage about the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes, but no direct language stating that they will show the footage live at the racetrack on September, 29. Alternatively, if you agree to sign up for a free non-betting account with Churchill Downs' gambling website, you can watch the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes with live streaming options at TwinSpires.com listed under the Cambridgeshire Festival banner. Regardless, this may pose problems for some fans since TwinSpires.com promotes gambling.

Reliable; free 2012 Juddmonte Royal Lodge Stakes videos

If you want to avoid the betting and signing up for a free account at a gambling website, there is always one option that aims to please. On the downside, this may mean waiting until the day after the race. Across the internet, there will be plenty of searchable sources posting the 2012 Royal Lodge results. In addition, free video websites like YouTube will post the archival video within 24 hours after the race ends.

Naturally, even if you have options to watch the video live, you will still want to see it again later. After all, watching a video on YouTube and saving it in your bookmarks is exactly what a good handicapper does. One of the keys to handicapping the Kentucky Derby is having a chance to see what the potential winners will do if they run together.

Why you need Kentucky Derby prep race videos now

Since you will get to see potential Kentucky Derby contenders racing together at the 2012 Royal Lodge Stakes, it makes sense to review it repeatedly over the next eight months. Using the Royal Lodge Stakes and other upcoming prep race videos as a tool, your predictions for the outcome of the 2013 Kentucky Derby are likely to be more successful. This means that once you have chosen a source of live streaming, do not forget to find its archive for future reference.

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