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2012-13 Week 36 Premier League Power Rankings

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Reading and QPR got exactly what they deserved this past weekend; elimination from the Premier League for at least one year. Elsewhere around the league, Spurs and Wigan did themselves zero favors, while Chelsea showed that you can win in Europe while also remaining in the top-three of the table. Liverpool made the most noise, notching six tallies against a Newcastle side who were nothing short of pathetic.

2012-13 Week 36 Premier League power rankings

20. Reading (relegated): Reading have to be looking back at the festive season while humming "Could We Start Again, Please?" Their nightmare 2013 will see them go down.

19. Queens Park Rangers (relegated): Relegation wasn't enough for Harry Redknapp to lose his job. QPR will be an interesting team to observe this coming summer.

18. Newcastle United (17th in the league, 37 points): Newcastle owe every one of their fans multiple apologies for that "performance" at home against Liverpool. Have some respect for those who pay to watch you play.

17. Wigan Athletic (18th in the league, 32 points): Earning a point against Spurs would have been a fine result for Wigan months ago. It wasn't good enough for either side this past weekend.

16. Sunderland (15th in the league, 37 points): The honeymoon is over for Sunderland. Paolo Di Canio has some work to do to keep his side safe.

15. Norwich City (14th in the league, 38 points): Somebody really needs to tell Norwich that they aren't yet safe. They looked half-asleep against Stoke.

14. Southampton (13th in the league, 39 points): I don't see Wigan catching Southampton, but that doesn't make the three-goal loss at home any less embarrassing.

13. Fulham (11th in the league, 40 points): "We got to 40 points, so the job is done" That's Fulham in a nutshell.

12. Aston Villa (16th in the league, 37 points): In a fair world, Benteke would be the league's Young Player of the Year. That guy is about to get paid this summer.

11. Stoke City (12th in the league, 40 points): Stoke's win over Norwich coupled with other results around the league made for the biggest jump in this week's power rankings. Stoke are now, in theory, safe.

10. Swansea City (9th in the league, 42 points): Swans could not be bothered when away to Chelsea on Sunday. Arsenal and Spurs supporters everywhere say "thanks for nothing," guys.

9. West Ham United (10th in the league, 42 points): Losing when away to the second-best team in the league is no reason to punish West Ham in power rankings.

8. West Bromwich Albion (8th in the league, 48 points): Three goals from the visitors and three total red cards made Saturday's Southampton vs. West Brom match one of the more entertaining games of the weekend.

7. Liverpool (7th in the league, 54 points): Luis who? Just imagine what could have been had Liverpool shown that much fight all season long.

6. Tottenham Hotspur (5th in the league, 62 points): Tottenham were downright disgraceful during roughly 80 minutes of their game at Wigan. They must be better if they are to earn Champions League.

5. Everton (6th in the league, 59 points): Don't count Everton out of the European football conversation just yet. Arsenal and Tottenham haven't guaranteed themselves anything heading into May.

4. Arsenal (4th in the league, 64 points): The events that took place before and during their match versus United may have stung for some fans, but Arsenal remain ahead of Spurs in the table. That is what's important right now.

3. Chelsea (3rd in the league, 65 points): Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham: Any of you want to hold onto third place for longer than a week? Anyone?

2. Manchester City (2nd in the league, 71 points): The win over West Ham wasn't their prettiest performance of the campaign, but second place remains City's to lose.

1. Manchester United (Champions): They'll be no points record for Sir Alex and company this time around. I guess the title will have to do.

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