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2012-13 Week 31 Premier League Power Rankings

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The holiday weekend saw multiple shifts in the top five of both EPL power rankings and the league table. Aston Villa won the first big relegation battle of the springtime months, while Liverpool, Swansea and Tottenham all couldn't be bothered in their games. Can Andre Villas-Boas prevent the predictable Spurs downfall?

2012-13 Week 31 Premier League power rankings

20. Queens Park Rangers (20th in the league, 23 points): Couldn't hold onto the lead and then lost the point in the final ten minutes. Being perfect from now up through the end of the season may not even be enough to save 'Arry's boys after their latest loss.

19. Reading (19th in the league, 23 points): Played admirably at Old Trafford, but, like QPR, Reading have to be more than just good at this point.

18. Sunderland (15th in the league, 31 points): I dropped Sunderland in power rankings because they were given just about every call imaginable in their home match against Norwich, and they still couldn't win.

17. Wigan Athletic (18th in the league, 27 points): Wigan may or may not have been aided by a hand-ball in the closing moments of their match against Newcastle, but the win counts all the same where it matters; the league table.

16. Stoke City (11th in the league, 34 points): Look on the bright side of life, Stoke supporters. The three-match losing skid is over, so that's a plus.

15. Newcastle United (13th in the league, 33 points): Newcastle were possibly a bit unlucky to not leave Wigan with a point. Still, they once again showed that they are going to fight up until the final seconds of play week in and week out.

14. Aston Villa (17th in the league, 30 points): Winning at home against QPR was an absolute must for Villa, but their safety is not yet guaranteed. They are still just three points clear of Wigan.

13. Southampton (16th in the league, 31 points): Southampton didn't just beat Liverpool. They outplayed, outworked and outclassed an opposing side that is, on paper, a much better team.

12. West Ham United (14th in the league, 33 points): It's not a stretch to suggest that West Ham easily could have lost 5-0 at the Bridge on Sunday. They'll easily avoid the drop, but they've still got work to do if they are going to finish out of the bottom ten in the table.

11. Norwich City (12th in the league, 34 points): Give Norwich the "'A' for Effort" award of the week. Despite having to essentially play against 12 men including the ref, they held on for a well-earned road point.

10. Swansea City (9th in the league, 40 points): Victims of some shoddy officiating last weekend, Swans were happy to roll over and play dead against Arsenal at home. Maybe it was too early to suggest that Swansea weren't going to phone the rest of the campaign in after winning the League Cup.

9. Liverpool (7th in the league, 45 points): Sometimes, Liverpool are just so Liverpool. That's the best way I can describe them after what I saw on Saturday.

8. West Bromwich Albion (8th in the league, 44 points): Their captain was booked for time-wasting ten minutes before the break. That right there tells you all you need to know about the Stoke-WBA match.

7. Fulham (10th in the league, 36 points): It won't matter one bit to Martin Jol and company that Spurs were extremely flat on Sunday. That victory all-but guarantees Fulham Premier League football for another season.

6. Everton (6th in the league, 48 points): Just when it appeared as if Arsenal and Spurs would pull away from Everton, the Toffees picked up their biggest win of the season. They are now just six points off of a Champions League spot.

5. Tottenham Hotspur (4th in the league, 54 points): Three straight losses across all competitions have loads of Spurs supporters fearing the worst. Has another Tottenham collapse already begun?

4. Arsenal (5th in the league, 50 points): Fought valiantly at Bayern Munich, and their confidence now has to be soaring after their win at Swans was followed with Tottenham losing at home to Fulham.

3. Manchester City (2nd in the league, 59 points): City could be an interesting team to watch if they are bounced out of the FA Cup in the semifinals. They know they can't win the league and that they'll also earn Champions League when all is said and done. How much effort do you expect to see from this group of mercenaries in the final month of the season?

2. Chelsea (3rd in the league, 55 points): The story nobody is talking about: Chelsea could take home the FA Cup and Europa League trophy this spring. Rafa out, you say?

1. Manchester United (1st in the league, 74 points): The only suspense left regarding the kings of all EPL power rankings is whether or not they'll do the double. They'll have to win at Stamford Bridge on April 1 to keep that dream alive.

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