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2012-13 Week 24 Premier League Power Rankings

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There isn't a single change in the top five spots of this week's Premier League power rankings. City pulled to within five of their Manchester rivals thanks to a little bit of help from Spurs, who left it late at the Lane before finding an equalizer. Somewhat out of nowhere, Reading are threatening to climb into safety, while Villa and Newcastle appear to be fighting over the third relegation spot.

2012-13 Week 24 Premier League power rankings

20. Queens Park Rangers (20th in the league table, 15 points): Loic Remy alone isn't saving QPR. 'Arry needs to find some midfield help and quick, because he and his side are running out of matches.

19. Wigan Athletic (19th in the league table, 19 points): Wigan's inconsistencies that have plagued them throughout the campaign caught up with them again on Saturday. You have to feel that they'll be flirting with relegation until the very end of the season.

18. Aston Villa (17th in the league table, 20 points): Christian Benteke deserves better. Villa essentially remained in the dressing room after the halftime break, and they were lucky to earn a point at free-falling West Brom.

17. Newcastle United (16th in the league table, 21 points): So about that long-term contract, Alan Pardew...

16. Reading (18th in the league table, 19 points): Somebody break up the juggernaut known as Reading! Say what you will about the talent in their team. Reading sure haven't looked like a side that's going down as of late.

15. Fulham (14th in the league table, 25 points): Dear Fulham: The next time you find yourselves on US national TV, please actually show up to the match. Sincerely, all football fans in America.

14. Norwich City (13th in the league table, 26 points): In the time it takes you to read this, Norwich will have given up a goal to Liverpool; twice.

13. Stoke City (10th in the league table, 29 points): Stoke are in big, big trouble if their defense starts to fail them. This isn't a team that's consistently rallying back from behind.

12. Southampton (15th in the league table, 23 points): I questioned the change at manager, but Southampton gave Everton a fight and then some on Monday. We'll see if they can use that draw as a starting point for a run that keeps them in safety.

11. West Ham United (12th in the league table, 27 points): West Ham couldn't be bothered to show up last weekend, and they followed that up by playing only about 45 minutes of real football against QPR.

10. West Bromwich Albion (8th in the league table, 34 points): West Brom go from bad to worse to "wait, there were people suggesting that this team could compete for European football?" as the season progresses. At least they'll be safe from relegation...I think.

9. Sunderland (11th in the league table, 28 points): I'll admit that winning at Wigan isn't a reason for any side to plan for a parade. The middle of the league continues to be very "meh," though, so Sunderland do have a real chance of finishing in the top nine of the table.

8. Swansea City (9th in the league table, 33 points): All things considered, Swans could be the most underrated side in the league. Putting three on the scoreboard against Stoke is no easy task.

7. Arsenal (6th in the league table, 34 points): When Arsenal are good, they're more than capable of finishing ahead of Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham. When they're bad, though, they're very, very bad.

6. Liverpool (7th in the league table, 34 points): Liverpool would be Champions of Europe if they could only play Norwich every week. They are now just seven points from Spurs in the table.

5. Everton (5th in the league, 38 points): Everton wasted a chance to pull further away from Liverpool and Arsenal and gain ground on Spurs. I'm not sure they even deserved the draw against Southampton.

4. Tottenham Hotspur (4th in the league table, 41 points): Clint Dempsey: Scored the winner at Old Trafford, a stoppage time equalizer against United, and he's buried four goals in four games in 2013. But he's not working out at all at Spurs, right?

3. Chelsea (3rd in the league table, 45 points): A cynic would say that Chelsea should have run away with the match in the opening half considering how poorly Arsenal came out to start the game. Three points are three points, and the Blues continue to be a side worthy of a top three finish.

2. Manchester City (2nd in the league table, 51 points): City earned a professional but not overly pretty victory against lackluster Fulham. That result coupled with United's draw against Tottenham made this past weekend a rather successful one for the defending league champs.

1. Manchester United (1st in the league table, 56 points): Live by the sword, die by the sword. The kings of Premier League power rankings were downed by a stoppage time goal, but dropping two points at White Hart Lane isn't enough to move them out of first place in this week's list. They're still the class of the league.

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