The 10 Worst Quarterbacks in Madden NFL

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I've been playing the Madden NFL games for a long time now and I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert. A while back I compiled a list of the top 10 QBs in Madden history. Did you read it? Sure you did.

So I figured why not explore the flip side of that coin. Let's take a look at the 10 worst quarterbacks of all time to ever appear in the Madden games.

Here's who I came up with:

10: Jared Lorenzen, Madden '07 and '08, New York Giants: As a New York Giants fan it pains me to put Lorenzen on this list but I had to do it. The guy was a terrible QB in real life and was the lowest rated QB in back to back years; 62 and 63. Those are terrible numbers! I actually played with Lorenzen a time or two but was not impressed. He was slow, fat, and his awareness was atrocious. Two thumbs down for Lorenzen.

Madden '07

9: Corey Bramlet, Madden '06, New England Patriots: Have you ever heard of this guy? I didn't think so. Bramlet was actually the QB at Wyoming and had two pretty good seasons there. He was undrafted but was signed by the Patriots hence that's how this guy ended up in Madden. Other than that I have no clue what happened to him. All I know is that he had a 60 overall rating and he is the ninth on my worst QB list.

8: Cleo Lemon, Madden '06, San Diego Chargers:

I totally don't remember this guy as a Charger but whatever. I mostly remember him as playing a couple of seasons for the Miami Dolphins and he wasn't a very good real life quarterback either. Lemon entered Madden in 2006 with a 60 overall rating and a very narrow passing cone. Remember the passing cone? That was awesome!

7: Tory Woodbury, Madden '05, free agent: If you've ever heard of this guy I'll pay you $1000. Not really. Because if you say you've heard of him you're a total liar. Anyway, this bum makes the list because he really never should've been in the game in the first place. He was on six teams in three years and had zero passing attempts and zero yards. In fact he had a zero in every statistical category. And by the way, he carried a 50 overall rating. Nice.

Madden 05

6: Jeff Brohm, Madden '01, Denver Broncos: This guy is totally a household name, right? Okay, maybe not. Anyway, Brohm, with his awesome 49 overall rating comes in at the six spot. Believe it or not, this dude played for six NFL teams before going to the XFL. Remember the XFL? That was too funny. He actually did good there. But the XFL isn't Madden and therefore he's on this list.

5: Todd Husak, Madden '02, Washington Redskins: Anyone with a 41 overall rating has to be on this list. His real life stats aren't that impressive either. Husak completed two passes for -2 yards, had one rush for -1 yards, and that my friends are his NFL career stats. He actually had a decent career at Stanford believe it or not. Man, I hope he had something to fall back on.

4: Wally Richardson, Madden '00 Baltimore Ravens, Madden '02, free agent: All I can say here is that in Madden '00 Richardson had an overall rating of 41 and in Madden '02 his rating was 38. If you were to average those two numbers you'd get 39.5. I'll wait a second while you do the math. You good? How this guy ever made Madden is beyond me.

Madden 2000

3: Cory Sauter, Madden '03, Indianapolis Colts: When you have an overall rating of 37 you end up as the number three worst Madden QB of all time. Sorry, Cory. Anyway, this dude was drafted by the Colts, cut, and ended up with the Chicago Bears where he actually threw some passes. They totaled 59 yards. Let's get excited!

2: T. J. Rubley, Madden '06, Green Bay Packers

: Rubley was the heir apparent to Brett Favre. Just kidding. Rubley is in the two spot because of his 32 overall rating. Now to put that in perspective, at the time of this game, Favre was only rated a 74. And you could do some serious damage with him. But Rubley, a 32...that gets a nice c'mon man!

1: Casey Weldon, Madden '95, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Drum roll please! Weldon comes in at the number one spot because he has the lowest overall rating ever in the Madden series. Want to know what it is? A 29! Wow! Believe it or not, Weldon was a stud at Florida State. But college football is not the NFL. He finished his career as a holder for Washington in 1999.

Madden '95

Dylan Davis has been playing sports video games since he was old enough to hold a controller. He's logged countless hours gaming and is always in the know when it comes to sports video games. Trust him, he's a professional.


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