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10 Foods MLB Fans Must Try at Petco Park in San Diego

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Forget peanuts and Cracker Jacks, Petco Park in San Diego, Calif., has much more to offer than your standard ballpark food.

With such beautiful weather, an expansive park, and plenty of great seating options, it's no wonder the food is a real treat.

Here are the top 10 food options you'll find at any San Diego Padres home game:

Randy Jones BBQ, Beef Brisket

This staple of Petco is named after the former Padres left-hander. The barbecue is tasty and a nice "changeup" from normal park food. The beef brisket is the best thing on this limited menu, and you won't be disappointed if you try it. When you see people walking around with giant hot dogs (1/2-pound, to be exact), this is where they got it. This great spot can be found in Section 104 and has a few other locations throughout the park.

Food Network Cart, Steak Sandwich w/ Blue Cheese

Staying with the theme of meat and carbohydrates, the steak sandwich from the Food Network Cart in Section 121 is a terrific option for a basic, hearty option for those that like to keep it simple. What isn't simple, though, is the price, which is close to $15. Still, you won't have one of these and find yourself looking for anything else to eat.

Anthony's Fish Grotto, Fish & Chips

I've been coming to Petco Park since 2004, and Anthony's has always been my personal favorite. I'm partial to seafood, and from a freshness standpoint, these particular fish & chips are a real winner. Be sure to visit this San Diego staple next time you're at a Padres home game.

Filipi's Pizza, Pizza by the Slice

There is some competition when it comes to Filipi's with Oggi's also in the park, but I give the nod to the former. There isn't much to pizza by the slice, as the options are veggie, cheese and pepperoni. But what else do you really need? Filipi's is another San Diego hot spot that I would recommend to visitors.

Friar Fit, Santa Fe Turkey Sandwich

Southern California is a hotspot for healthy eating, and Friar Fit is a concession stand where health-conscious fans can find great food options. The Santa Fe Turkey Sandwich is as good as any option there. Another plus about this vendor in Section 101 is the fact that they have healthy options for kids.

Western Metal Supply Co. Building (Hall of Fame Bar & Grill), For the Experience

The Western Metal Supply Co. Building is San Diego's version of the Green Monster at Fenway Park or Wrigley Field's ivy. It's the most prominent fixture in the outfield, and one of the best places to catch a few innings of action from. How do fans do it? There is a wait list with designated periods for occupants between innings. Buy a cheap ticket and experience the food and atmosphere. It's one of the best seats in the house.

Sweet Spot, Soft Serve

On a hot summer day, soft serve from the Sweet Spot located in Section 328 is a welcome treat. This is another place that causes park patrons to ask one another, "Where'd you get that?"

Hodads, Guido Slider 

Hodads is yet another San Diego favorite thatfans should seek out at Petco Park. Visitors will have to shell out the extracost of a ticket for Toyota Terrace seating, but it's worth it for boththe intimate viewing experience and to sample what is perenniallyvoted among the best burgers in the city. In addition to the signature'Guido Slider', mini burgers, single and double burgers, and the Padresblue burger are all great selections you can choose from. Simply put, you can'tgo wrong with Hodads. 

Bub's, Ball Park Tots

Bub's is a local sports bar that offers adiverse menu of sandwiches and snacks. It's conveniently located near theBudweiser Patio at a dedicated concession stand. New in 2012, this isa food stop that hungry fans will definitely want to check out.  Themost intriguing menu item is the Ball Park Tots, which are topped withchili cheese and hot dogs. Got the munchies yet? 

Bring Your Own

Though it's not quite in the spirit of "top foods," I felt it appropriate to mention the fact that Petco Park allows park-goers to bring in sealed food. This makes for a great option for those that want to enjoy a family picnic at the "Park at the Park" behind the outfield as well as those on a budget.

There are a lot of local take-out spots that are close to the park, but the most economical way to take advantage of this option is to make the food at home. If you bring water, make sure it's no bigger than 20 ounces and is sealed.

Michael C. Jones is a Yahoo! Featured Contributor in Sports and San Diego resident. He has written for southern California's Press-Enterprise and Follow Michael on Twitter @MikeJonesTweets.

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