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10 of the Best MLB Midseason Trades of All Time

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With the MLB Trade Deadline just a couple of weeks away, I thought that this would be a perfect time to look back at some of MLB's best midseason trades. As a New York Yankees fan I'm very familiar with huge midseason deals. Before I continue note I said SOME of the best trades. Not THE BEST trades. There is a difference.

Here are 10 of the best MLB midseason trades:

10. Manny Ramirez, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2008 - The Boston Red Sox decided to part ways with Manny and ship him to the Dodgers in a three team deal that sent Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Jason Bay to the Red Sox. Manny Ramirez helped the Dodgers win the NL West by hitting for a .396 average with 17 home runs in a 53 game span. During the playoffs, Ramirez hit .520 with four homers and 10 RBI's.

9. Ugueth Urbina, Florida Marlins, 2003 - The Florida Marlins traded away Adrian Gonzalez, a former number one overall pick to bring in Urbina. By bringing in Urbina, the Marlins reached the Wild Card and ultimately defeated my Bronx Bombers in the World Series. In 38 1/3 IP, Ugueth Urbina had an ERA of 1.41. Needless to say that trade worked out big time for the Marlins.

8. David Justice, New York Yankees, 2000 - Coming over from the Cleveland Indians, David Justice was just the offensive spark the New York Yankees needed. Justice helped the Yankees win the AL East. In 78 games he hit 20 home runs and three more in the postseason. And of course my Yankees won the World Series. Can you say threepeat? Jake Westbrook and Ricky Ledee were two of the most noted players sent to the Indians in the trade.

7. David Cone, Toronto Blue Jays, 1992 - The New York Mets dealt Cone to the Toronto Blue Jays and got Jeff Kent in return. All Cone did was go 4-3 in the regular season with a 2.55 ERA and help the Blue Jays to win its first ever World Series title. I know I'm stating the obvious but the Blue Jays came out better in this trade.

6. Matt Mantei, Arizona Diamondbacks, 1999 - The Diamondbacks needed a closer and the Florida Marlins helped them out. The Marlins shipped Mantei to Arizona and the Diamondbacks received Brad Penny. Penny, by the way, won two games for the Marlins in the 2003 World Series. Matt Mantei was no slouch himself. He saved 22 games and he helped the D'backs win the NL West.

5. Fred McGriff, Atlanta Braves, 1993 - The Atlanta Braves were a struggling offensive team and the San Diego Padres were looking to cut their payroll. That's basically how Fred McGriff ended up in Atlanta. The Padres got three minor leaguers in the trade and the Atlanta Braves went on to win the NL West crown with McGriff batting .310 and 55 RBI.

4. Bobby Abreu, New York Yankees, 2006 - Yeah, another trade that involves the Yankees. It's on this list so swallow it and move on. The Yankees got Abreu from the Philadelphia Phillies for four minor leaguers. Basically the Phillies were just looking to free up some cash. But whatever. It worked out well for the Yanks. Bobby Abreu batted .330 and hit seven homers as the Yankees pulled away from the Red Sox in the AL East.

3. Randy Johnson, Houston Astros, 1998 - The Seattle Mariners sent 'The Big Unit' over to the Houston Astros in exchange for Carlos Guillen, Freddy Garcia, and John Halama. Johnson did well in his first 11 starts going 10-1. The Houston Astros did win the NL Central crown but lost in the first round of the playoffs. That offseason Johnson left Houston and took his talents to Arizona.

2. Mike Boddicker, Boston Red Sox, 1988 - Boddicker arrived in Boston on July 29 and helped the Red Sox to capture the AL East. However it came with a high price as the Red Sox had to send Brady Anderson and one Curt Schilling to the Baltimore Orioles. And no, Boston did not win the World Series that year. Ha.

1. Rick Sutcliffe, Chicago Cubs, 1984 - Rick Sutcliffe ended up in Chicago in June and went 16-1 as the Cubs claimed the NL East title. Sutcliffe also won the Cy Young that year. Cleveland made out okay as well as they received Joe Carter and Mel Hall.

Dylan Davis is an avid New York Yankees fan who has been actively rooting for the Yankees since the tender age of birth. His first words were, "Let's go Yankees."


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