Notre Dame Fighting Irish

IA FBS | 0-0
  • Passing Yards
    254.3 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    163.3 RYPG
  • Total Yards Per Game
    417.6 YPG
  • One Foot Down

    Irish Links: Should College Football Coaches Be Ejected For Temper Tantrums?

    We’re at that time (already) in the college football offseason when an editor has to start kicking around some new ideas for the site. Sometimes, you just have to fall back on an old idea, throw in a twist, and call it a day. We have only so many stories about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to tell each week, so these daily links will cover a broader range of stories involving college sports. Monday through Friday, you’ll get those links from myself and the rest of the editorial staff. Each gets their own special day. Mine is today... welcome to the beginning of your week. Angry Child Gets No Recess There is no doubt that poor officiating gets a bright light shown on it every week of the football