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    Week 3 Picks Record:
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YouPat FordeGraham Watson
(3) Clemson correct(3) Clemson correct(3) Clemson
Georgia Tech correct Georgia Tech correct Georgia Tech
Rutgers correct New Mexico incorrect Rutgers
Georgia correct Georgia correct Georgia
Oregon incorrect Oregon incorrect Oregon
(2) Ohio St. correct(7) Oklahoma incorrect(2) Ohio St.
(22) Pittsburgh incorrect(22) Pittsburgh incorrect(13) Oklahoma St.
(21) Iowa incorrect(21) Iowa incorrect(21) Iowa
(6) Michigan correct(6) Michigan correct(6) Michigan
Northwestern correct Duke incorrect Northwestern
(8) Wisconsin correct(8) Wisconsin correct(8) Wisconsin
Bowling Green incorrect Bowling Green incorrect Bowling Green
Texas incorrect Texas incorrect Texas
(16) Stanford correct(16) Stanford correct(16) Stanford
(4) Washington correct(4) Washington correct(4) Washington
(20) Florida correct(20) Florida correct(20) Florida
Tennessee correct Tennessee correct Tennessee
Arkansas correct Arkansas correct Arkansas
(17) Auburn incorrect(17) Auburn incorrect Texas A&M
(19) LSU correct(19) LSU correct(19) LSU
(1) Alabama correct(1) Alabama correct(1) Alabama
TCU correct TCU correct TCU
UCLA correct UCLA correct UCLA
(10) Florida St. incorrect(10) Florida St. incorrect(10) Florida St.
Notre Dame incorrect Notre Dame incorrect Michigan St.
Navy correct Navy correct Navy
Miami (FL) correct Miami (FL) correct Miami (FL)
Virginia incorrect Virginia incorrect Virginia
Maryland correct Maryland correct Maryland

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