Top 10 Ridiculous College Football Bowl Names of 2011

With 35 college football bowl games to choose from, it was a difficult task to narrow down the list of the most awful bowl names this year. While most are merely a corporate sponsorship thrown in front of a longstanding bowl, the winners on this year's list either don't make sense or are just downright crazy.

I almost feel sorry for some of the talented student athletes that have to take part this season.

No. 10 Advocare V100 Independence Bowl

My question regarding this bowl is how does a health and wellness direct sales company pair with independence?

No. 9 R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

It is another case of a local company sponsoring a local bowl, I get it, but is it pronounced "R and L" or "R plus L" or something entirely different? The fact I have to think this much about a bowl game makes me not want to watch it already.

No. 8 Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl

This bowl is tricky. Is it the Holiday Bowl sponsored by Bridgeport Education or is it a bowl dedicated to the wonderful children of Bridgeport who are on holiday break?

No. 7 Franklin American Mortgage Music City

This is just a case of too much information crammed into one bowl title. I get it, it is Franklin American Mortgage sponsoring the Music City Bowl.

No. 6 Gator Bowl

I simply do not understand why the Gator Bowl would allow a sponsor that makes their game sound more like a joke than a legitimate bowl game. At the same time, with two once powerful but struggling programs in a 6-6 Ohio State and a 6-6 Florida appearing in this game, perhaps it is fitting, after all.

No. 5 SD County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl

Local sponsor for a well-known bowl takes away from some of the prestige here. I am sure SD County Credit Union is a wonderful banking institution, but it is has to hurt the two teams that have played their hearts out this season to play in a bowl that due to its sponsorship has the sound of a city high school championship game.

No. 4 BBVA Compass Bowl

This is another of the bowls that leaves me confused. Is it BBVA sponsoring a Compass Bowl or BBVA Compass sponsoring their very own bowl? I am not a local to Alabama where the bowl is being held, so how would I know?

No. 3 Meineke Car Care of Texas Bowl

This is another bowl that leaves me with questions. Is this the Texas Bowl sponsored by Meineke Car Care or is this a franchisee with deep pockets creating their own bowl?

No. 2 Bowl

For those who are not familiar with this web services company, the name could be quite confusing, and why does a "" have their own bowl? I honestly could understand a sponsorship of an existing bowl, but a Bowl? Come on.

No. 1 Belk Bowl

What is a Belk? Why does Belk have a bowl? Why would anyone want to play in a Belk Bowl? It sounds more like the object I try to find when I have had too many beverages and chicken wings during bowl season, not a game I want to watch.


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