Armed Forces Bowl 2011: A Visitor’s Guide

The much-anticipated Armed Forces Bowl of 2011 is quickly approaching. If you're someone who is planning to attend or you know someone who is, here's all you need to know about gameday.

The Brigham Young University Cougars—more commonly referred to as BYU— are up against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. The two teams will kick it off this year on Friday, Dec. 30. The game is scheduled as an afternoon event that will take place at 12 p.m.


Tickets are selling fast for the upcoming BYU and Tulsa Golden Hurricane bowl game at Gerald J. Ford Stadium. For those of you still without tickets, now is the time to start buying. StubHub! offers a variety of seating options with decent pricing at an affordable cost. Ticket costs range from $23 to $185, depending on the seating location. Only a handful of tickets remain at this location.


If you're not sure where to park, the Southern Methodist University's campus parking lot for visitors is a great spot. Since the campus is located right next to the stadium, parking will be very hard too miss.

Tailgating Policy

Tailgating is allowed at this location, so long as those in charge assume responsibility by seeing to it that their guests are on their best behavior. Alcoholic beverages, drinking containers, and any food you bring with you must be discarded upon entrance to the facility.


Fans from all over will be gathered at the stadium for the kickoff that day. Expect to find a lot of energy that adults saved up all year long, as well as a good amount of swearing when a bad play is made. If you're bringing any children that could easily run off, be sure to keep a good eye on them. You may find it rather difficult when searching the big crowds of people, many of them wearing the same jersey as your son. I can tell you now that not only will it be loud, it'll also be cold. Investing in a pair of earmuffs beforehand is a good idea as well.

Because bowl games are annual events only occurring during college football's off-season, the game's increasing popularity continues to grow. This year's bowl game will attract old and new college football viewers alike. At last, fans will come together at the Gerald J. Ford Stadium where they will share their passion for a remarkable sport.


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