South Region Predictions

South Region Predictions
By John Akers, Yahoo Sports
March 20, 2007

John Akers
Yahoo Sports
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South Region
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And the winner is... Ohio State
Greg Oden
The Buckeyes simply have too many weapons to use against the Vols. (Getty Images)
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1. Ohio State vs. 5. Tennessee
They’ve met before. Greg Oden (24 points, 15 rebounds) was healthy, and so was Chris Lofton (23). The Buckeyes won by two on a 3-pointer by the same Ron Lewis whose OT-producing 3-pointer against Xavier on Saturday helped send the Buckeyes onward. Hmmm.
Winner: Ohio State

2. Memphis vs. 3. Texas A&M
All-American guard Acie Law IV has been his usual outstanding self. But the Aggies’ difference-maker might be guard Dominique Kirk, a 7.3-ppg scorer who’s averaging 18.5 during the tournament. Meanwhile, the Tigers might be without star Chris Douglas-Roberts.
Winner: Texas A&M


1. Ohio State vs. 3. Texas A&M
A Final Four needs a final-four minutes man. There’s none better in a game’s closing minutes than the Aggies’ Acie Law IV, who’ll be their answer if the Buckeyes find themselves in another tight game. They also have defensive answers for Greg Oden and Mike Conley.
Winner: Texas A&M

John Akers is the editor of Basketball Times and is covering the NCAA tournament exclusively for Yahoo! Sports.

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