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I'm torn. Do I show these three groundbreaking, ego-shredding videos in chronological order, or put the funniest one first? Then again, that's a trick question because they're all pretty equally side-splitting.

I have a newfound respect for West Virginia's Joe Mazzulla, Da'Sean Butler and Jonnie West (yes, the son of The Logo, NBA legend Jerry West). The three of them spent Saturday night in their Buffalo hotel room making absolute fools of themselves for their own enjoyment ... and now ours.

Let's not waste any more time. 

First up, we've got a cross-generational dance extravaganza, infusing a '90s dance hit  (Haddaway's "What is Love") with the newest move, the John Wall.


And that was the least funny of the three. An unbelievable effort from this troika comedy troupe.

How about the sophomoric pillow fight? We've all been there, right? ... Right? This is so embarrassing.

And an epic lip-syncing effort here, while Butler can't help himself from taking off the shirt. The ladies love it, Da'Sean. West's face at the start of the video, I'm guessing, is his Bob Huggins impression.

Confirmed: I am rooting for the Mountaineers the rest of the way.

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The Dagger

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