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As he is wont to do, Tom Crean broke news via his Twitter page today. But how is a reader to know when something is a big deal? How does Tom Crean convey excitement? With ALL CAPS BABY WOOOO:

Crean also added the following:

You can only imagine the sight of all the grown men hugging each other around Assembly Hall. Jenna and Ann had to think we were crazy

We never doubted he would do it but its nice to have that closure. All of you were the first to know. Enjoy the day. We will

The day. Enjoy. We will. ALL CAPS!

Crean's excitement isn't totally manufactured; Maurice Creek's eligibility is in fact a major step in the rebuilding project Crean's got going at Indiana this season. IU's 2008-09 campaign was so enduringly horrific -- just loss after loss after crushing loss (until Iowa came to town, and Iowa this year could quite possibly be even worse than Indiana was last year; thanks, Iowa!). Even if Indiana is only mildly competitive this season, even if they only finish eighth or ninth in the Big Ten, it will have been a major improvement year over year.

Indiana's future looks bright, but for now even getting a player cleared is cause for man-huggy celebration. The gulf between where Indiana was and where Indiana will be is getting wider by the day.

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