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In the midst of all the coaching madness yesterday -- something about some guy named Tom Crean -- a funny little denial made its way from Bill Self. Yes, Self was denying any interest in the recently vacated Oklahoma State job, which is open after Spawn of Sutton's forced resignation yesterday. It's not funny that the denial came; it's funny that Self had to make it at all. To wit:

"If it has been done, I feel bad for Sean because I thought his team got better through the course of the year without question," Self said. "I do feel deeply about my alma mater. I spent 11 years of my life at OSU.

"But nobody from there has contacted me and if they did I would strongly recommend that they move in a different direction."

Ah, coach speak. In this case, what Self just said roughly translates to: "Oklahoma State? Sure, I watch all their games. Loved playing there. You wouldn't believe the sorority girls in Tulsa. Phew. Good times. What was that? Would I ever leave Kansas to coach at Oklahoma State? Bwa. Ha. Hahahahahaha. HAHAHA."

Seriously, Okie fans. We here at The Dagger love you and everything, but the very idea that Bill Self would have to make this denial is sort of silly. Self is taking (arguably) the most talented, (inarguably) most efficient team in college basketball into the Final Four; what's more, he's doing so at a traditionally pristine, historic college basketball job. The birthplace of basketball. James Naismith. Peach baskets. Rock Chalk Jayhawk. All that crap. There's really no tangible or, frankly, intangible reason why Bill Self would consider leaving all that behind. I don't care where he went to school.

The chances of Bill Self leaving Lawrence for Stillwater are roughly akin to Tom Crean deciding to return to his roots at Central Michigan. Recalibrate sights: lower.

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