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I know, I know: There are better jobs than Oklahoma State, one of which Bill Self has. Another one of those jobs is Kentucky, where no amount of Andre Woodson Heisman talk (and yeah, that didn't last so long) can usurp just how important basketball is to Big Blue Nation. They love them some basketball in bluegrass country.

So at first glance, Oklahoma State wouldn't seem to stand a chance in hiring away any of the nation's premier coaches. Why would Gillespie want to hop to another, lesser job this early in the process? Why would Self?

Ah, that's right. Dirty, dirty money. From the notes in Seth Davis' latest column:

People who are locked in on the possibility of Bill Self filling the vacancy at Oklahoma State are missing the boat. Self is not going anywhere, partly because he has an athletic director in Lew Perkins who will give him a sufficient raise to make sure he stays. The guy Oklahoma State is targeting first and foremost is Billy Gillispie. I'm hearing that the school, backed by billionaire oilman Boone Pickens, an OSU alum, is preparing an offer to pay Gillispie $3.5 million per year. I still think there's a better chance than not that Gillispie will remain at Kentucky, but with that kind of scratch on the table Gillispie would be crazy not to listen.

Pretty much. I know there is more to life than money -- I wouldn't have studied so hard at becoming a blogger were that not the case -- but $3.5 million is an insane, insane amount of money to have thrown at your feet. I'd blog just about anywhere (except Perez Hilton) for $3.5 million. And it's not like Oklahoma State is the Perez Hilton of college basketball. It's not UK or KU, sure, but it has a great home venue filled by a passionate fan base that truly loves its basketball. Loves it so much, in fact, that they want to make their next head basketball coach eff-you rich. Maybe Oklahoma State can land a big fish after all.

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