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Today's entry in the "Offspring Of Famous People Do The Darndest Things" compendium: Bill Murray -- yes, the famous Bill Murray, the Bill Murray who started his career as a brilliant goofball and has since punctuated it with puppy-dog esoterism in films by artistic next-generation directors -- has a son. This is not surprising or interesting. What is perhaps surprising and/or interesting is that Bill Murray's son Luke is a college basketball coaching type with experience at Quinnipiac and Post University, a subdivision school. And now, he's Arizona's newest graduate assistant.

As Ballin Is A Habit explains, Arizona recruiting maven Book Richardson moved to Arizona from Xavier with head coach Sean Miller in April. Since then, Richardson has been recruiting his tail off for Miller, perhaps singlehandedly preventing a serious down year in the desert in the new regime's first go-round. Richardson also used to coach the New York Gauchos, an AAU team typically full of star recruits. Luke Murray met Richardson when he (Murray) was helping out the Gauchos, and hence the connection.

What does Murray bring to a basketball program? I have no idea. Presumably, neither does he; he only graduated college in 2007 and is still a G.A., meaning he'll be doing quite a bit of quiet learning -- preparing tape, taking notes, keeping the clipboard handy, that sort of thing -- for at least a few more years. But he'll be interesting to watch. If he has one-tenth of his father's charisma, it's only a matter of time until he's a major college hoops coach on his own.

And at that point, I fully expect funny voices and entertaining banter. Amuse me, son of funny man! (Just kidding, Luke. Do your thing, buddy.)

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