New York Knicks

3rd Atlantic | 0-0
  • Field Goal %
    43.9 FG%
  • 3-point %
    34.6 3P%
  • Points Scored
    98 PPG
  • Total Rebounds
    44.4 RPG
  • Watch Drake hit a half court shot while doing a situp

    Watch Drake hit a half court shot while doing a situp

    I can see the questions on Twitter/in the comments already so let me save you some time. Because it’s summer. Because it’s Drake (he’s a celebrity and an NBA hanger-on with some quasi-official position with the Raptors). Because Stephen Curry did it, too. Because what other hoops are you watching on a late August afternoon? And besides, you clicked on it. You know you want to see it. So here it is, Drake, hitting a halfcourt shot while doing a sit up. Enjoy.

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    With Rose, the optics don't match the analytics

    Tommy Dee | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram Truth be told, I've warmed up to basketball metrics over the years. I still hold them in the same manner I did when they first busted out on the scene and that is that they were conversation statistics that assisted in making an overall judgement. I still value actual production stats i.e. minutes played, field goals made, turnovers etc, in very high regard, which brings us to the discussion happening in NBA circles and on NBA Twitter surrounding Derrick Rose. The narrative surrounding Rose is that he's not the player he was before injuries -- that is unless you speak to his trainer Rob McClanaghan and Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell

  • Corey Brewer: “James (Harden) is going to play defense this year”

    Corey Brewer: “James (Harden) is going to play defense this year”

    James Harden‘s defense is not as bad as its reputation. Well, at least it wasn’t two seasons ago — his near MVP season he was in good enough shape that he could put in a respectable effort on that end and still handle his massive offensive load. There were still some mental lapses, but his focus was better and his improvement lifted the team defense. Last season, he regressed back to youtube “highlight” defense Harden — his conditioning was not where it needed to be, he didn’t expend as much effort on that end, and it showed. Harden got a massive contract extension this summer, and Dwight Howard is Atlanta’s problem — now Harden has to lead the Rockets. By example. Corey Brewer told ESPN you’re