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The NBA has sliced $4 million from the Washington Wizards' salary cap this year due to the suspensions of Gilbert Arenas(notes) and Javaris Crittenton(notes). So now the team only needs to get rid of $4 million or $5 million more to get under the salary cap, so it's looking more and more like the team is going to ditch Caron Butler(notes) before the Feb. 18 trading deadline, according to

The rumor is that the team has offers from the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets and will likely decide on one by week's end. However, the Wizards may want any team taking Butler to also take Mike James(notes) or DeShawn Stevenson(notes) in order to clear up some more cash.

The Wizards apparently want a younger player in the deal, which means the Mavs would need to include rookie guard Rod Beaubois. The Rockets have young guard Kyle Lowry(notes) and an expiring contract in forward Luis Scola(notes) to deal along with the massive $23 million expiring contract of Tracy McGrady(notes).

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