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The incident that got Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas(notes) into so much trouble involved a few unloaded guns from his collection The word is the folks in D.C. should just be happy that Arenas didn't bring in his whole set to show off to his teammates.

Arenas told Esquire that he had "about four to five hundred guns." He apparently bought the whole thing from a guy in his 70s and then added to it. He says he didn't need a permit to keep them in his house but then got freaked out when his kids arrived there and put all but four into storage. Guess he's wishing he hadn't kept those last four out right about now.

And something that will surely not make commissioner David Stern happy is Arenas tells Esquire about the meeting he had with Stern to discuss that now famous locker-room incident with Javaris Crittenton(notes). Arenas says he spoke about the incident for three minutes with Stern and then they discussed "what he wants to do with the league." Arenas supposedly told Stern, "Anything that happens in my life, I'm always looking to see, 'What can I make funny out of this?' " He also supposedly told Stern that he knew he needed to be made an example of and Stern told him that he wasn't trying to make an example of Arenas. "He said, ‘I know your personality. I've got to get you out of the limelight because you're not gonna let it go. When you come back, then we build,' " Arenas told Esquire.

Wonder how eager Stern will be to build with Arenas after this.

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Source: Esquire

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