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You better believe Gilbert Arenas(notes) isn't just sitting around during his indefinite suspension from the NBA. Even if he is, he's staying close to the phone to get updates from his lawyer, who is supposedly bargaining with the U.S. Attorney's office for a plea, according to TMZ.

Arenas would supposedly admit guilt to misdemeanor gun charges. No deal had been made as of yesterday afternoon. If the negotiations don't totally fall apart, they would likely keep Arenas out of the slammer, according to the Washington Post, and possibly give him probation, community service, and/or a fine to penalize him.

Whatever happens, TMZ also reports that it isn't looking good for Arenas remaining with the Washington Wizards right now. GM Ernie Grunfeld supposedly texted Arenas after his "joke" on Javaris Crittenton(notes) went completely awry to let him know that his behavior was in violation of NBA rules and could lead to his $111 million contract being voided. Ouch.

What Arenas should be doing with his time is cleaning out all the firearms he supposedly owns. WTOP reported yesterday that Arenas has at times owned - are you sitting down? - hundreds of guns. Now we know what Arenas was doing last season when his injuries kept him from playing: amassing an armory's worth of guns.

The word is, according to WTOP, Arenas moved all of the guns out of his house in Virginia in the last year. So you gotta wonder where the rest of them are.

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Source: TMZWashington Post

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