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Tony Parker(notes), who has helped lead the San Antonio Spurs to three NBA championships, has only one year left on his contract.

The San Antonio Express-News is reporting that a trade of Parker is possible if the season doesn't start well for the Spurs since the team doesn't want to lose him next summer and get nothing in return. The team tells the paper that "everything is ... fluid with Parker and that an extension is possible."

Meanwhile, Eurosport is reporting that Parker, a French native, has said that this is the last chance for him, Manu Ginobili(notes) and Tim Duncan(notes) to win a title together. "It's the last season of my contract so I have to make it count," Parker told Eurosport. "We have to get back on top because last year we did not have a great season. Personally, I think it is our [the trio's] last chance to win a title. Duncan is getting older ... it is our last chance."

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Source: San Antonio Express-NewsEurosport

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