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The Boston Celtics bought out the contract of 35-year-old Rasheed Wallace(notes) earlier this month before he officially retired on Aug. 10, but Paul Pierce(notes) is thinking that Wallace will be back on the roster in February before playoff rosters need to be set, according to CSN New England.

Pierce tells the site, "I told him, 'Go ahead, do all you need to do. Take the kids everywhere. We'll see you in February.'"

Wallace, a 6-11 native of Philadelphia who spent time with the Washington Bullets, Portland Trail Blazers, Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons and Celtics during his 15-year career, has three sons and a daughter.

If he does come back in February, things could be very crowded in the Celtics locker room. That's when 6-10 center Kendrick Perkins(notes) is supposed to return from injury as well.

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Source: CSN New England

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