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Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh(notes) is always mentioned as part of the four-headed soon-to-be-free-agent monster that will hit the NBA next summer. The other three heads, of course, belong to LeBron James(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes), and Amare' Stoudemire. The general consensus is that James and Wade will end up back on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, respectively. But Bosh and Stoudemire? Who knows?

Well, word is coming now that Bosh could be traded soon enough to the Golden State Warriors to play out this season before free agency. The Toronto Sun is reporting that four-time All-Star Bosh could be moving to California in exchange for Andris Biedrins(notes) and others.

Of course that doesn't mean Bosh won't be looking elsewhere once next summer rolls around.

Source: Toronto Sun

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