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The Phoenix Suns had practice yesterday and spent time trying to figure out how to avoid losing another four out of five games. In the middle of it all, rookie center Robin Lopez(notes) freaked out when his team lost a three-on-three game.

According to the Arizona Republic, Lopez slammed a door so hard after his team lost that the glass panes on it shattered. Coach Alvin Gentry stopped an interview that he was doing so he could go talk to Lopez directly.

Assistant coach Dan Majerle had to take Lopez aside a month ago in practice when the rookie got too angry in a frustrated moment that happened in front of the media.

Couple those incidents with frequent frustrated outbursts from Lopez during practices and more than a few folks are thinking Lopez has got some kind of anger-management problem.

Lopez, by the way, will have to pay for the door as well as a fine.

"It's something he's going to have to get under wraps if he's going to continue to improve and become a good player," Gentry said.

Source: Arizona Republic

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