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Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson has brought home the big trophy 10 times during the course of his coaching career that started in 1989 wit the Chicago Bulls.

The Lakers pay him pretty well right now to lead their team: He's making $12.5 million this year. But the word is that if the Lakers bring him back next season, it'll be for lower pay, according to ESPN.

His contract is up this summer so there will be plenty of teams interested in seeing if he'll move somewhere else. If they can offer what L.A. is paying him now, they might have a better chance. Jackson is saying that he and the team have talked about signing him on to coach more years but that his pay would certainly be lower than it is now.

"It's been indicated there will be a salary cut but not ... I'm not going to say 'down,' that's kind of weird to say stuff like that," Jackson said. "It's still a ridiculous salary whatever it is."

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Source: ESPN

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