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Conseco Fieldhouse is only 11 years ago but it's become such a financial albatross to the Indiana Pacers that the team is threatening to leave town if Indianapolis doesn't start picking up some of the tab, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The city requires the team to pay for the building's general operating costs, which comes in at around $15 million annually. Owner Herb Simon is starting to balk at this, saying it's hard enough to pay for his team let along the building as well.

The team has been negotiating awhile for the city to pick up that tab but now the team is suddenly putting forth an ultimatum. If things aren't done by June 30, T.J. Ford(notes) and all the rest of the Pacers might be splitting town.

"We've been having conversations ... for two years," Pacers Sports & Entertainment President Jim Morris told the paper, "and we're now at the point where we need to wrap this up in the next 30, 40 days."

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Source: Indianapolis Star

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