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Jermaine O'Neal

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If the New Jersey Nets are to close the sizable gap between them and the Boston Celtics, they have to find a significant frontcourt upgrade. There are only two alternatives that seem plausible, and that may be stretching it.

They can take a shot at Elton Brand, ruptured Achilles and all, and see if the Los Angeles Clippers find a Vince Carter/Marcus Williams offer appealing. If they prefer Josh Boone over Williams, which is possible but unlikely considering their needs, all the better.

The Jermaine O'Neal option. Frankly, he's not what he used to be, his numbers have dipped in each of the last four years, the Indiana Pacers don't really need any wings, and you'd have to overpay to take on his $19M salary.

Source: Star-Ledger

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