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Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony(notes), who spent the first eight years of his life in the projects of Brooklyn, New York, may have the chance to return to the borough as quite a different person.

The New Jersey Nets and Denver Nuggets have discussed a possible deal for Anthony, ESPN reports, and, if an agreement can ever be made over players, the folks in New Jersey are planning to ask for a chance to make a presentation to Anthony that will convince him to sign an extension.

The presentation, the site reports, would be done by Nets billionaire Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov, minority owner Jay-Z and coach Avery Johnson, and will ask Anthony if he wants to be perceived as a savior the way that some have seen Amare Stoudemire's(notes) work with the Knicks this season.

If Anthony wants a preview of the talk, he should give LeBron James(notes) a call because a lot of it will likely draw from the presentation the Nets gave James last summer when trying to convince him to come to the Garden State. 

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Source: ESPN

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