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The Philadelphia 76ers snagged one veteran player earlier this season when it signed Allen Iverson(notes) to a deal. Now it appears the team is very interested in bringing another onboard: the Houston Rockets' Tracy McGrady(notes).

According to, the Sixers have been talking to the good folks in Houston to see how a deal could be structured to bring the NBA's most expensive player to the City of Brotherly Love. The Rockets have till Feb. 19 to ditch McGrady and his $23 million expiring contract. The rumor is that Philly could send Andre Iguodala(notes) and Samuel Dalembert(notes) to Houston for McGrady.

It seems the Sixers are tired of losing and are looking to just jettison players and salary so it can start anew this summer when a massive crop of talented free agents hit the market. And if it got rid of Dalembert and Iguodala, the team would be $14 million under the salary cap for next season as well.
The Rockets may also be considering deals with the Chicago Bulls for a package with Joakim Noah(notes) and the Washington Wizards for a package that includes Caron Butler(notes).

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