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The sports world is watching every little move LeBron James(notes) makes these days in hopes of trying to figure out where the soon-to-be free agent will end up next season. And with that many eyeballs watching, can you blame his sponsors for taking advantage of the situation?

James and sponsor Nike are talking about a deal that would have the apparel company churning out a new shoe design for every team visit James makes this summer, according to AOL Fanhouse. The design will have the date of the visit printed on it, according to Fanhouse.

The source for Fanhouse says James is planning to start the tour with the New York Knicks and then visit the New Jersey Nets and Chicago Bulls. "Depending on the level of sustained public interest and the discussions with the teams in the respective cities," Fanhouse reports, James then will figure out if he wants to stop in and see the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers.

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Source: AOL Fanhouse

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